Hibernian complete digital transformation with UEFA digiBOARD perimeter system


• UEFA-compliant digital perimeter product around the three camera-facing sides of the stadium.

• Perimeter content delivered via Live Venue fibre network.

• Total Stadium Takeover solution.

• Internal screen installed inside reception area.

• Perimeter system compliments large ADI LED screens and digital scoreboards installed last year.

during the Edinburgh derby, Hibernian FC v Hearts Cinch Scottish Premiership fixture at Easter Road Stadium on Sunday 7th August 2022

The UK’s leading sports LED supplier have completed a full digital transformation of Hibernian’s Easter Road for the 2022/23 season, installing a new UEFA-compliant digiBOARD perimeter system around the three-camera facing sides and an internal screen in the reception area.

The innovative UEFA series perimeter product was fully operational during the Edinburgh Derby on Sunday 7th August, and now runs alongside the large LED screens and scoreboards that ADI installed last year following an extensive consultation process. Committed to enhancing the matchday experience for both supporters and commercial partners, an internal screen has also been installed in the stadium’s reception area.

ADI has been providing a bespoke solution to Hibs since September 2021, which sees specialist technicians onsite for each match, and content managed and delivered directly from ADI’s Preston-based galleries via their high speed Live Venue fibre network.

The Scottish Premier League outfit are one of three new clubs to install a digiBOARD system for the 2022/23 campaign, with Blackpool and Ipswich Town launching theirs on the opening day of the season, bringing the total number of UK digiBOARD customers to 31.


The 10mm UEFA-compliant product installed at Easter Road features class-leading LED technology which can only be found in some of the world’s most renowned football stadiums. The system covers all three camera-facing sides of the stadium to offer maximum brand exposure for club partners. The content is then managed remotely through ADI’s nationwide broadcast fibre network which gives the in-house production team the ability to monitor the quality of output.

“Adding to the LED screens and digital scoreboards fitted last year, the installation of a new state-of-the-art perimeter system takes the Easter Road matchday experience to the next level. ADI’s custom software allows us to deploy coordinated content and messaging across all LED platforms inside the stadium, providing huge flexibility for how we can help brand partners activate their messaging. ADI are an industry leader and it was a pleasure to work with them once again.”

Total Stadium Takeover

With over 15 years of experience in creating engaging perimeter advertising, ADI will be the preferred supplier of all club and commercial perimeter content throughout the course of the contract. This is in addition to the creative matchday content already being delivered to LED displays inside the stadia bowl. ADI’s Studios team will use an in-house CMS that offers the flexibility to deliver separate content across each display, or synchronise the output in order for a brand or Hibernian message to appear across the entire platform, known as Total Stadium Takeover (TST).

Digital Transformation

Hibs’ investment in two large LED screens and scoreboards last year not only enhanced the look and feel of Easter Road, but underpinned the Club’s ambition to reach new heights, both on and off the pitch. The positive reaction from fans and partners led to discussions around a new perimeter installation, during which digital stadium specialists ADI worked closely with the Club to deliver a perimeter solution and internal reception screen that would boost fan engagement, commercial opportunities and brand awareness. Through dazzling LED technology and engaging content, the Club now has a multitude of channels to deliver messaging directly to their fans and partners.

“As manufacturers of industry-leading digital perimeter systems and with a strong pedigree in creating engaging content, we are delighted to install the UEFA product into Hibernian’s Easter Road stadium. The system is a fantastic addition to the large LED screens and digital scoreboards that we installed in September. Having the ability to deliver a Total Stadium Takeover gives the club endless opportunities from both a fan engagement and commercial perspective."