How ADI Drove Audience Participation at the 2022 World Gymnastics Championships

The challenge with every big arena sporting event where there are breaks in the competition schedule is keeping audience engagement high.

In the modern day, there is an expectation to be entertained the moment you arrive at the event venue to the moment you leave. Therefore, the vision of the World Gymnastics committee was to place the spectators and local community at the centre of the event. It had to be an immersive experience for all types of visitors, not just the avid gymnastics fan.

To achieve this, ADI delivered a number of unique and innovative digital solutions that focused on audience participation and interactivity across the ACC Liverpool complex.

Teaming up with audio specialists Cue Audio and stadia game experts Piing, ADI brought smartphone light shows, fan cams, multiplayer gaming apps and interactive digital walls to the World Gymnastics Championships Liverpool 2022.

Fan-led Light Show

One of the most successful interactive features was QGlo – a bespoke smart phone application used to deliver a synchronised light show inside the main competition arena.

Each day, before the gymnasts took to the floor, the lights on the audiences’ smartphones would flash in time with music, which meant that the devices could be held aloft inside the dimly-lit M&S Bank Arena to create a truly spectacular in-bowl atmosphere. In total, 70,000 people engaged with this.

How does it work?

QGlo used ultrasonic audio triggers to notify the audience through the official ‘WGC2022 Live’ app on their smartphones and provided instructions on how to participate in the ceremony.

At the end of the light show, the app then notified the user to take a selfie via Cue Audio’s Synchronised Selfie Cam and, with a single push of a button, could upload it to social media.

It is a completely network-free solution and uses high-frequency, ultrasonic audio as an alternative to WiFi and Bluetooth.

Commenting on its success, Richard Hale, ADI’s Sports Presentation Manager, said: “The light show was a great example of how you can retain audience engagement levels in between the competition schedule and use interactive digital applications alongside LED displays to create an immersive experience for all.

“It was fun working with so many different stakeholders and partners, and we are confident that this event has redefined what can be done in regards to spectator interactivity at large, federation-level sporting events.”

Fan Cam

To further drive in-bowl engagement, a Fan Cam picked out certain spectators and broadcast them live on the giant cubic LED screen. A custom-made overlay was used within this solution to activate the brand of competition partner Jaffa, offering commercial value as well as boosting the spectator experience.

Interactive Digital Wall

Interactive experiences extended into the championship Fan Zone too.

Across nine days, the Fan Zone received more than 18,500 visits from both spectators and non-ticket holders, all of whom were able to enjoy ADI’s digital podium and interactive digital wall.

It was the LED wall that attracted the most attention, with 2,500 people interacting with it. Positioned at the entrance point of the Fan Zone in a high footfall area, the wall gave visitors the chance to pose for photos alongside their favourite gymnasts, in front of animated national flags, or even dance to the sounds of LIMF musicians – all of which fans could select from an iPad.

Aside from providing the hardware for this, ADI delivered full concept design and content production, with ADI’s Studio’s team filming and editing the athletes and musicians

Multi-player Gaming

ADI also collaborated with Piing to offer interactive multiplayer gaming to visitors inside the Fan Zone. The platform has been designed to allow a stadium-sized crowd to participate and play a shared game at the same time on their smartphones, without the need to download an app.

The solution was a popular feature at the award-winning Birmingham 2022 Festival Sites earlier this year, which ADI also managed from concept through to delivery.