Mansfield Town Revolutionise Stadium Advertising with World-Class digiBOARD System

Mansfield Town Football Club have chosen stadium transformation specialists ADI to install a brand-new digiBOARD perimeter system ahead of the upcoming 2023/24 season.

ADI’s award-winning LED advertising platform promises to transform the commercial offering at One Call Stadium and provide fans with a visually engaging matchday experience.

Enhanced Revenue Streams and Sponsorship Opportunities

With an ambition to drive more revenue streams and offer a more attractive commercial platform to sponsors, Mansfield Town will replace their existing static signage with ADI’s groundbreaking MTX technology.

This innovative system features a three-sided, camera-facing canvas that enables partners and matchday sponsors to activate their brands. The installation will provide a dynamic and engaging medium for sponsors to showcase their products, revolutionising advertising inside the stadia bowl.

“The installation of a brand new digiBOARD perimeter system is an exciting venture for the club.The new LED advertising platform will provide a dynamic and engaging medium for sponsors to showcase their products, revolutionising advertising inside One Call Stadium.ADI understood our vision from the outset and have delivered a world-class solution that will transform the look and feel of One Call Stadium, but more importantly, add huge value to our commercial partners. The three-sided LED perimeter system will cover the full broadcast camera-arc, giving us a high-impact platform to activate brands to supporters and global TV audiences.”

World-Class Solution

ADI’s partnership will equip The Stags with a top-tier advertising solution, comparable to some of the most renowned football stadiums in the world. Notable venues like Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena, Borussia Dortmund’s Signal Iduna Park, and Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium boast the same high-quality ADI product that Mansfield Town FC will now possess.

The club has opted for an impressive 216 linear meters of digiBOARD with a 10mm resolution, guaranteeing exceptional image quality for motion advertising and creative content. ADI’s in-house Studios team will initially craft the visuals, ensuring a compelling visual experience for spectators and sponsors.

With the installation of a cutting-edge LED screen just last year, the club has now taken its digital transformation to new heights. This latest investment not only enhances the stadium’s aesthetics but also sets a remarkable precedent in League Two, providing a stadium-wide solution that is unparalleled.

Next-Gen Technology

ADI’s commitment to innovation and sustainability shines through their design and development of the MTX series. This ground-breaking technology offers not only eco-friendliness but also emphasises maintenance simplicity, cost-effectiveness and image quality.

By digitalising in-bowl displays with MTX, Mansfield Town FC will reduce their reliance on traditional printed advertising signage. This shift provides a more flexible and sustainable solution, removing the need to print new materials for each change. In addition, the club will have more advertising space to offer local, national and international brand partners, enhancing their commercial offerings.

“The investment in our digital perimeter product will take the matchday experience to the next level, while also increasing revenue generation for the football club. The reliable and flexible platform is designed to deliver exceptional image quality, which is ideal for sponsors and partners wanting to creatively promote their brand. Working with Mansfield Town further highlights ADI’s unique ability to package bespoke solutions for football clubs of all sizes, whether they are competing in the Champions League or League Two.”

Leading LED Supplier to EFL

With more than three decades of experience, ADI has solidified its position as the UK’s leading LED supplier to sports venues.

Currently, over half of the English Premier League clubs and 60% of the EFL Championship teams utilise ADI’s digiBOARD systems.

As the modern-day spectator’s appetite for engaging content and immersive matchday experiences grows, more clubs in the EFL and SPFL are recognising the commercial potential and fan engagement opportunities that LED technology provides.

ADI’s impressive track record includes the installation of their digiBOARD product in 48 football stadiums across England and Scotland, with Mansfield Town’s League Two counterparts Forest Green Rovers reaping its commercial benefits.

“We are delighted to bring to market a range of commercial partnerships that will allow businesses to connect with our loyal fanbase and businesses on a local and national scale like never before. The investment into the LED system will open a new and innovative way of advertising and will doubtless become a popular medium for brands to effectively market their products and services, not only to those inside the stadium but also to an audience watching the game live or viewing highlights across the digital spectrum.”


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