Metrocentre Expands Digital Portfolio With ADI

Metrocentre has launched its latest DOOH platform from ADI, with a huge 100sqm LED screen unveiled above the Yellow Mall entrance. This new display is part of Metrocentre’s wider venue transformation and digitalisation, which has seen ADI integrate innovative LED canvases across the venue’s interior and exterior, driving commercialisation and unique visitor experience.

Digital Venue Transformation

As part of a wider refurbishment and upgrade, Metrocentre’s asset management company – Sovereign Centros – commissioned ADI to explore new media architecture and screen installation across high footfall areas. These digital assets not only provide a promotional platform for the centre’s extensive programme of live events and activations but create new channels for commercial revenue through Digital Out of Home advertising.

Inviting Digital Entrances

Both Red and Yellow Mall entrances (shown above) are adorned by large-scale ADI installations that support big name brands as part of DOOH campaigns, alongside Metrocentre’s own promotions. With an annual footfall in the region of 20 million, the 6mm pixel pitch screens are viewed by a huge number of weekly visitors, making them premium DOOH sites within Open Media’s network.

Creative Town Square Installation

With a multi-million-pound refresh during 2023 – and a new scheme designed by Leslie-Jones Architects – Town Square is a thriving area of Metrocentre where high-end tenants include H Beauty and Rolex. To fit with the new sleek and modern design aesthetic, the existing lift-shaft and media screen were transformed by ADI to make way for a unique three-sided installation.

ADI created a bespoke 3D digital canvas where the front face and side returns of the lift-shaft are covered by 6mm LED screens, allowing video content to seamlessly flow across the entire installation. With a sense of depth and forced perspective advertisers within JC Decaux’s M-Vision network can utilise the 3D nature of this canvas to achieve more dynamic, creative campaigns, while Metrocentre and their tenants can also use the platform for promotion and experiential activations.

Client Comments

“As we continue transforming and futureproofing Metrocentre, ADI have been a valued partner for innovation and digital integration over many years. They provide the expertise and understand our vision for the centre, and the experiences, environments, and revenues we want to drive forward.”

“ADI have worked closely with us to transform Metrocentre’s DOOH portfolio. The impactful large format screens provide a platform for the centre’s self-promotion and brand communications, alongside acting as premium sites for revenue generating media campaigns.”

Next Generation Product

All three installations feature ADI’s proprietary MT series, which has been designed, engineered and manufactured by ADI’s own in-house team and takes the learnings of over 20 years of LED screen manufacturing to meet the evolving needs of modern-day customers.

The panels are 50% lighter and slimmer than ADI’s previous product, giving architects the ability to incorporate unique digital platforms into their designs due to the reduction in large, heavy and costly supporting steelwork. This also results in lower installation costs, simpler maintenance and a more elegant design because of the discrete and self-contained modules that are used.

Another key benefit is the custom-designed MT-Mount system – a revolutionary mounting solution that combines a flexible extrusion frame with on-board twist lock – which reimagines what can be achieved for retail & leisure destinations during a venue transformation project. The system means that MT panels can be easily mounted onto lightweight structures, allowing installations in complex and challenging spaces.

Drew Burrow, Head of Bespoke and Creative Sales, comment, “The sustainability and longevity of this product makes it hugely attractive to our clients, with screens using less energy than ever before. Using the MT series, ADI can provide retail & leisure destinations with a reliable and eco-friendly LED product that offers exceptional image quality for indoor and outdoor environments.”

MTF Tile

From Concept to reality


ADI unveil the largest digital ceiling in Europe as part of Manchester’s Printworks Transformation.