The United Rugby Championship (URC) has contracted global LED manufacturer and digital sports stadium specialists ADI to deliver LED perimeter boards in 7 venues.

The contract sees ADI install their proprietary digiBOARD digital LED perimeter systems in 7 of the 12 Northern hemisphere stadiums used for the global competition – which includes leading clubs from Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Italy and South Africa – supplementing the existing systems in the other 5 stadiums.

The new systems assist with the ongoing premiumisation of the league, uplifting the promotional platform for commercial partners as well as the matchday experience for fans within the stadiums and the global television audience. The centrally-procured contract brings consistency across the cross-continental competition, ensuring a guaranteed quality of platform and helping to maximise value for global and regional partners. It also provides URC with a proven partner who will be able to help them realise their longer term ambitions to segment their target audiences through virtualised advertising.

ADI - A Global Partner

Following an extensive tender process initially involving 20 suppliers, ADI were selected as URC’s chosen provider to service the whole contract.

ADI are one of the world’s leading names in digital perimeter LED, with over 30 installations throughout UK and European football and rugby stadiums. They offer a unique set of skills and services covering manufacturing, installation, operation and creative, making them the ideal partner for URC.

ADI are providing a complete turnkey solution for each venue, including installation of each system, management of electric and fibre connectivity, plus full training and ongoing support.

Each of the URC installations utilises ADI’s latest MT digiBOARD – MTD is ADI’s latest generation of LED perimeter hardware and incorporates a host of innovative features built upon ADI’s experience of nearly 20 years of manufacturing and operating LED screens within stadium environments. A number of the clubs play at multi-use venues meaning their digiBOARD system may need to be removed between matches – MT is the ideal solution, with a weight around 50% lighter than previous generation, making installation and removal far less laborious.

self-service with support

In a global first for digital perimeter, MTD is a fully self-operable platform, incorporating completely self-serviceable hardware with an advanced software package. This allows venues to operate and service systems themselves, without the need for third party engineers or operators, helping to drive cost efficiencies across the whole contract. Repairs are managed by ADI’s UK-based Service and Repair Centre, while further support is only a phone call away at any time; because ADI operate systems for multiple clubs, they are able to offer support when clubs most need it on matchdays and not just during Monday to Friday office hours.

The contract also includes provision of ADI’s digiSOFT content management and playout software. digiSOFT is a complete content platform for digital signage, designed exclusively by ADI and continually developed over the last 15 years. It offers a simple interface combined with powerful features, enabling each club to manage their own playlists. ADI are providing full training to clubs and optional support should they require help with any of the services.

“Following a thorough tender process, it became clear that ADI would be the ideal partner for URC. With a number of different venues with varying needs we were keen to work with a full-service partner, rather than someone who would simply provide hardware. ADI have a long history of manufacturing and operating their own hardware, but importantly they also bring a deep understanding of the live stadium environment and an established team to provide ongoing support throughout the contract. From all our dealings with ADI their passion and professionalism that they will bring to our league, venues and matchdays has shone through.”

“We’re excited to be partnering with URC and delivering this multi-venue solution. Typically our digiBOARD partners are single venues but multi-venue contracts such as these demonstrate the importance of ADI’s hardware, experience and support to deliver a proven and consistent service over multiple years. We’re looking forward to working with URC to help them to maximise their commercial value and add value to the matchday experience.”


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