Formula E - Moet & Chandon Podium Berlin

Designing Dynamic Content for Live Sports Events

Live events are inherently visual and aural experiences, immersing audiences with engaging sights and sounds. However, in a world where we are constantly bombarded with imagery, even a 100msq screen won’t enhance your audience’s experience or keep their attention, if the content displayed isn’t targeted and created with them in mind.

In this article, we’ll look at the importance of content design and put a focus on our client, Formula E, whose content requirements are vital in creating a unique race day experience for their audiences, whilst activating brand partners and sponsors.

The Evolution of Content

ADI have been providing LED Screens and event production services for Live Events for over 30 years. Traditionally, content shown on big screens at events would mainly be Camera feeds showing live action of content – similar to what you’d see on your T.V. at home.

Thanks to the evolution of technology and software, and content creatives pushing the boundaries of these, this is no longer the case. New modular LED hardware means digital canvases can be created in any size or shape, and installed almost anywhere – the limits are only really your imagination.

These technologies, coupled with higher expectations from fans for a first-rate experience at live sports events, has encouraged brands to realise the benefits of creating an immersive experience for fans and audiences. Engaging fans with quality content – from social media walls and interactive games, to ambient, atmospheric filmmaking – has become a necessary part of producing a successful event.

One pioneering sport is Formula E, who, through our growing partnership, have continually evolved their sports presentation on race day using creative LED and dynamic, audience targeted content.


The relationship with Formula E began back in 2015, when we provided a few mobile LED screens at Battersea Park for the first London E-Prix. Since then, ADI have become a vital partner for Formula E’s worldwide event delivery, with our solutions featuring across the entire event site.

Zoned In

Digital content created by our in-house Studios team is shown on race weekends on multiple digital canvases, within different zones of the race site. Content for each of these needs to be designed to suit the audience dwell times and footfall in that area, creating the right ambience and energy so they remain positively engaged with the content on screen, and the wider event experience.

Get In The Mood

To get the content design process started, Formula E provide us with a ‘look and feel’ document, similar to a ‘mood board’ which gives us an idea of how the venue will look, so the content can reflect these concepts.

Our Creative Lead, Jamie McGee, explains further:

“Formula E vary their brand assets depending on where the race will be. For example, the designs for Berlin were quite functional and in a geometric Art Deco style, whereas for Mexico they were a much looser, party-style design.”

From this ‘look and feel’ document, the creative team will come up with multiple design concepts interpreting the original brief – and the way they will appear on different sizes and shapes of screens. This might be creating 2-D motion graphics from a static design, adapting video content, or creating brand new original content.

“For Berlin 2022, we created around 130 pieces of finished content, which were created within 10 days. However, each piece of content had around 4 or 5 iterations before the final artwork was prepared – we have a very organised cloud drive!”

Using VR as Venue Vizualisation
With new screen concepts, it can sometimes be difficult for clients to visualise the scale and impact within a venue setting – and therefore, how the content will work on those screens. Our creative team came up with some solutions:

With the new screen concepts proposed for London 2022, we’ve created a VR walkaround of the entire Docklands venue, allowing the Formula E team to really get a feel of what we’re proposing. As well as VR, we also create concept videos. For example, at the start of Season 8 we created the idea of the split digital canvas for the Boss Emotion Club. Our video really helped the client to imagine how the screen would look with the content split between the screens.

Bossing It

The Boss Emotion Club is a premium hospitality area, present at every Formula E race. Content created for this area is presented on fine pitch LED hardware, and the aim is to create ambient background content in keeping with the luxe feel of the club.

A common theme for content in this area are striking cityscapes, landscapes and gentle eye candy, all featuring Boss branding. Any animations in this area are subtle, designed to slip into the background whilst still creating a relaxed atmosphere for guests.

Keeping it in the Family with the E-Village

The Allianz E-Village is a dedicated Fan zone alongside the track, containing entertainment for fans and families. Content here is presented with a different feel to the hospitality area – brighter, bolder colours, with more vibrant, active animations.

Our team also introduced green screened mascot and driver videos into LED totems to ramp up the infotainment and fun for fans. There is also a more practical element to this content – wayfinding and information in English, and the local language, works well on the tall totem screens. 

Let's Go Racing
In addition to content created for fans in the paddock, the FE track also contains digital elements that require bespoke content. Viewed by a global audience, the innovative LED gantries produce content driven automatically by the car’s telemetry system – with other dedicated gantries showing brand activating content created for key partners ABB and Michelin.

The Podiums at Formula E are always an impressive spectacle – with multiple shapes and configurations of LED changing, depending on the venue. The podium solutions are mainly modular LED, but sometimes incorporate the iCONIC 120, the world’s largest mobile LED screen. This option reduces build time, and therefore costs to the client.

We work with Formula E to produce a podium to suit each venue – and what content should go on it. This will often involve incorporating sponsor brands within the scope of the overall venue design. In Berlin, we recently created special content for a Moet & Chandon podium which was very effective.


Formula E are a bold and innovative racing series with a global audience. Through the creative process, ADI and the Formula E team have forged a trusted relationship, where they are happy to experiment and are open to our creative suggestions, while ADI are prepared to push the boundaries of technology to achieve the progressive ideas of our clients.

Read further about Formula E here, or if you’d like to learn how to achieve more with your LED, or would like to discuss your creative content requirements, please contact us today on 0800 592 346.


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