Designing Modular LED Solutions for Live Sport

Live sports events the world-over are utilising modular LED to take engagement and activation to the next level. Sophisticated and creative applications in the technology are proving effective in shaping production values, enhancing spectator experience and elevating sponsors in front of broadcast and local audiences.

Watching televised or high-level sports events you may see a variety of LED assets integrated into the event infrastructure, and this super-transformative and versatile tech is being used in ever-bolder and more immersive ways.

Giant LED canvases in various shapes and aspect ratios can form showpiece main stages, dazzling podium backdrops and eye-catching athlete entrances. Combined with vibrant, well-executed content, custom lighting and perhaps SFX, audiences will be blown away by the visual experience. But it isn’t just about the size of screens and installing huge displays; modular LED can be used just about anywhere to deliver key event messaging and data to spectators, alongside targeted exposure for brands. 

Working with some of the highest profile sports events in the world, we’ve seamlessly integrated modular LED into start lines and over-track gantries, car garages and broadcast studio furniture, to name just a few. We’re also specialists in perimeter LED solutions that are more commonly seen across arena and stadium sports. 

Given the range of resolutions and compact tile design available in modular LED the scale or complexity of a project rarely challenges our teams, instead we’re keen to push innovation and creativity to enhance sports presentation and event production for clients, while amplifying brands in new and exciting ways.

Our skilled specialists design and visualise modular event concepts through 3D graphics, video and VR, allowing clients to develop and test their ideas, and helping our experts bring spectacular visual experiences to life.

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