How to enhance the Football Fan Experience with Sports Presentation and Ceremonies

With over 25 years of experience working with clubs, sponsors, federations and governing bodies, ADI’s in-house teams are skilled at bringing together hugely creative and technical elements to up-lift the matchday experience and add massive value for home and visiting fans. 

There are a variety of touch-points across the matchday journey where innovative applications and interactive content-driven experiences can significantly enhance the day for spectators, and look incredible on broadcast and social media channels.

Fan Zones and Player Arrivals

Let’s start the matchday experience off properly with dedicated entertainment programming and activations outside the stadium. Whether a permanent fan zone space exists, or the temporary infrastructure is required, our team can plan and deliver all creative and technical aspects of delivering a vibrant fan zone experience for the pre-match build up or post-game celebrations. From mobile big screens, live music, hosts, pundits, podcasts and prizes, there’s huge scope to keep spectators engaged from the moment they arrive at the stadium to the time they leave.

Another innovative element for outside the stadium bowl is enhancing the arrival of the players. We can build the excitement of the crowds and create memorable moments as fans gather to see their team. Music, lights, SFX and branded props all add to a visual and exclusive experience.

Ceremonies & Light Shows

Building the atmosphere and ambience before kick-off is crucial, and there are usually elements of protocol and pageantry to incorporate. 

Ceremonies should be a visually immersive experience for the fans in the stands and those viewing remotely, with a well-thought out combination of choreographed performance, music, video content, lighting, SFX and any other elements required by clubs, federations and sponsors. 

Light Shows are another way to bring to stadium to life in the countdown to kick-off. Ideal during darker nights or winter months, light shows can utilise venue lighting systems and any stadium LED platforms such as big screens, digital ribbon and LED perimeter, alongside lasers, projection and high spec show lighting. Again, the coordination and design is crucial for maximum impact, especially if on-pitch performances, music and entertainment are part of the overall experience.

Audience Interactivity

Take engagement to the next level with the huge variety of interactive experiences available. Get fans instantly involved and participating in the sports presentation while providing opportunities to win prizes and activate sponsors across fans zones and the stadium bowl.

Interactivity can utilise fan’s mobile devices and venue big screens, with sophisticated ‘Fan Cam’ mobile apps like QVue and QPix, to showcase supporters in a way that’s fun and designed to be shared more widely across social networks. 

Live mobile gaming and quizzes are other fan favourites, and who doesn’t love winning prizes!  We also have our own QGlo Light Show app for mobile, where fans are directly participating in the stadium bowl show. These kinds of activations are also easy to digitally brand and offer incredible exposure for partners and sponsors. 

Live Entertainment

Live entertainment can cover many areas and should be designed to appeal to a diverse fan demographic. From energetic host teams – to guide spectators through the matchday, host interviews and giveaways – to roaming musicians and DJ’s, dance troupes and cultural performers. Any live entertainment needs to be engaging and up-lifting, perhaps tied to a commercial partner or incorporating local cultures and host city. 

Sponsor Activations

Clubs and tournaments have wide selections of commercial partners and brand sponsors, who want to drive maximum returns on their spend. 

Creative, custom activations can help deliver genuine engagement with fans and wider audiences on a match day, which could be in the form of a live on-pitch game show, interactive prize wheel or other host-led favourites like head-to-head skills challenges, penalty shoot-outs and dance-offs.

For more information of our live event solutions and services that enhance the matchday, please call our team on 0800 592 346 or email

Photos courtesy of ADI, Wasserman Live, Paddy Power, West Ham FC, EVA Air


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