Putting Interactivity at the Heart of Revo Liverpool 2019

Whilst last year we went BIG with a gigantic 150m² 4K screen surrounding the cinema entrance, we’re aiming to make a similar impact this year but with a focus on interactivity.  Our showpiece screen this year will still be around the cinema, but instead of going tall, we’re going wide, wonderful and immersive!

“The Revo Towers” blends interactivity with commerciality with art, creating a dynamic fractal showpiece spread across a 25m wide canvas.  We’ll be showing how digital screens can break out of their traditional constraints and transform spaces in unusual and unexpected ways.

An unusually shaped canvas immediately allows for unusual and unexpected content ideas.  By the very nature of its shape it creates a viewpoint that people aren’t accustomed to seeing, allowing us to create a window on the world that might be unfamiliar and surprising.  The effect is quite breathtaking!

Focus on Content

This huge ever-changing creative canvas is nothing without great content, and we’ll be showcasing a programme of wonderful ideas to demonstrate that creativity, playfulness and commercial content can work together to create an engaging experience for customers.

The Towers isn’t simply a one way experience – look out for the Interative window zones which will give you a chance to interact directly with the content, whether it’s starring in your own Beatles SnapChat or controlling content across the whole canvas simply by moving your body, courtesy of our friends at Rhythm!

Show Screen and Summer Screen

Across the other side of the hall from The Cinema we’ve got a couple more giant screens:

The main show screen this year is again the enormous iCONIC 120 – with a superwide screen this is the ultimate multi-use engagement screen where you’ll find all of the show information as well as dedicated areas for the show’s social media wall, so get tweeting!

And make sure you join us for another huge multiplayer Piing game during the after show drinks on Wednesday – this was a huge success last year, so grab your phone and get involved!

New for this year is the Summer Screen Zone – a more laid back networking area centred around a town centre big screen that showcases the impact that giant screens can have in bringing communities together for sporting and cultural events.

Getting Interactive

We’ll also be showcasing interactive content on the other screens we have at the show – both the giant 120m² superwide showscreen and also the summer screen area will feature Augmented Reality demonstrations (from the guys at Magic to Go), so if you look up at the screens you might find you’ve got a dinosaur or a spaceman for company!

And as well as playing Piing during the Wednesday evening drinks, we’ll also be playing a variety of games throughout the day on the Summer Screen.  Piing is made by the guys at Rhythm and they’ll be showcasing some more reactive content on The Revo Towers, so be sure to look out for that throughout the show.


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