ADI European Roadshow


ADI European Roadshow

Inside the iCONIC H

ADI European Roadshow


ADI European Roadshow

Presentation space inside the iCONIC H

European tour showcases ADI’s new digital perimeter technology and innovative LED products

ADI embarked on a major European tour to showcase their new virtual replacement perimeter LED technology, developed in partnership with augmented reality experts Supponor. The Virtual Hybrid digiBOARD technology was launched to over 10 clubs in Germany’s Bundesliga, with ADI’s roadshow featuring the newly launched iCONIC H and an Epoch 15, alongside the new LED perimeter solution.

The iCONIC H offered an ideal roadshow and exhibition space solution with three floors of flexible space. The mobile unit could host a production studio on the bottom level, presentation/demo room on the mid-tier and a camera-operator could be located on the open-air top level.

The integration of multiple LED screens and plasmas allowed ADI to brand the iCONIC H and show a variety of digital content; content could be quickly and easily changed before each meeting, with the logo for each club shown on the screens. Inside the iCONIC H visitors were able to watch ADI’s new Virtual Hydbrid digiBOARD in action and understand how it works, while also viewing ADI brand and promotional videos.

The Epoch was an interesting addition to the roadshow, with its unique ability to create the ‘mobile experience’ on a larger scale and rotate between landscape and portrait formats. In addition to a range of creative content that showcased its abilities, the Epoch also displayed branding for the clubs visited on the tour.

Both the iCONIC H and the Epoch provide swift set-up and de-rig, which make them an ideal solution for touring events where they are deployed across multiple locations.

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