Stadium-wide Digital Matchday

Everton Football Club

ADI have a longstanding relationship with Everton which spans nearly 20 years. From delivery of stadium LED screens, to concourse and hospitality TV, as well as Fan Zone screens and live production services, we supply a huge breadth hardware and services to enhance the matchday experience.

Digital infrastructure:

  • 2 x 45m² Stadium LED Screens
  • Live Matchday Production
  • Fan Zone LED Screen
  • Concourse & Hospitality TV
  • Dedicated Production Resources
  • Stadium Connectivity

Display Hardware

Two 45m² high resolution ADI Virtuality LED screens take centre stage, installed in opposing corners of the stadium. In addition to delivering pre-match build up, live full match coverage, and half time entertainment, the display is segmented to deliver integrated scoreboard and branding throughout the match.

A network of over 120 screens throughout the concourse, hospitality and corporate areas ensure the entertainment stretches beyond the stadium bowl, creating a continuous communication platform for fans throughout the matchday experience.

Mobile LED screen trucks provide a platform through which to entertain the crowds during the pre-match fan zone build up, and create opportunity for the club to engage with fans well before kick off.

Our perimeter digiBOARD LED delivers high value brand content to the huge television audiences watching around the globe. digiBOARD is the most popular football perimeter LED system in the UK, with the majority of Premier League and Championship clubs choosing the solution. We support the club by producing much of the perimeter LED content and managing its playout via our fibre-connected remote operations centre.

Multi-Channel Content Production

We supply a dedicated team of producers, editors, match directors and graphics operators to deliver a high quality match day production to digital displays across Everton’s Goodison Park for every match. The team, who work closely with the club, are responsible for creating the full channel identity and creative direction of the matchday content.

The stadium is connected to ADI’s Live Venue broadcast fibre network, which allows Everton to benefit from high quality content production  without the need to invest in an expensive facility at the ground.

We provide five individual content channels to Goodison Park for every game, delivering  content tailored to different platforms including the big screens, hospitality, concourse, fan zone and perimeter LED displays. The benefit of delivering multiple strands of content means that Everton can reach different fan segments with targeted messaging throughout the matchday.

Dedicated Production Resource

In addition to supplying a team to deliver matchday content, ADI also provides a number of dedicated production staff, based at the club, to film, edit and produce much of Everton’s day to day media output.

This allows Everton to tap into ADI’s huge production resource, whilst maintaining the flexibility to deliver daily production requirements at the club.

Long Term Partnership

The relationship between Everton and ADI has grown significantly over the past 20 years, to see us provide an stadium-wide digital platform that reaches fans at every stage of the matchday journey. As the club’s ambitions have grown, so have our skills and capabilities, and ADI is now responsible for the provision of digital display and content production services to engage fans from the moment they arrive outside the stadium, until long after the final whistle.

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