Jaguar Land Rover, Castle Bromwich

Dynamic Media Wall

Jaguar Land Rover, Castle Bromwich

Dynamic Media Wall

Jaguar Land Rover, Castle Bromwich

Dynamic Media Wall

Bespoke public art installation for world-class car brand

Jaguar Land Rover’s state-of-the-art Castle Bromwich plant has been transformed through the creation of a dynamic media wall installed by ADI.

The installation, which was conceptualised by Wash Design, features multiple LED screen and lighting elements that are combined to create a striking public art piece which is one of the largest digital installations in the UK.

Unique digital solution for a cutting-edge facility

ADI turned an initial concept into a workable installation, aiming to meet the global brand’s vision of creating a ‘window into the factory’. This allows the public to have a rare glimpse of the inner workings of one of the world’s most iconic car manufacturers, while establishing a new local landmark.

The installation was also designed to produce a manufacturing facility with a point of difference, while allowing the brand to convey its creativity and offer an eye-catching aesthetic for the public to enjoy throughout the year.

Project management and installation

ADI were on-site intermittently in a three-month period, working closely with Jaguar Land Rover to a fixed date for a launch event when the screen was officially switched-on.

In order to maximise visual impact, ADI aimed to cover as much of the side of the building as possible, which was achieved through the integration of multiple LED elements.

The project required a custom shaped screen, 62sqm in size featuring ADI’s own 16mm outdoor product. ADI also managed the fabrication and installation of supporting steelwork for the screen cabinets.

2,500 LED lighting nodules were incorporated into the architectural decoration. ADI carefully mapped out the exact location of each node, with each receiving its own co-ordinate on the building and individual holes drilled to accommodate them. Capable of 16.5 million colours, the nodules are integrated with the content shown on the screen to create enhanced ambience and different visual effects.

Creative content

The project was driven by the idea of the content that would be shown on the screen, with specially shot footage and edited programming created through a collaboration between Wash Design and ADI’s in-house production team.

A wide selection of content is broadcast and changed on a seasonal basis so that the dynamic media wall continues to offer a source of interest.

ADI created a custom content management system for the project which allows the co-ordination of content across the entire installation. The imagery and colours on the LED screen are also displayed across the nodes and reflected in the LED wall wash, helping to deliver incredible visual impact.

Playlists of content can be pre-programmed by on-site staff or remotely by ADI via a user-friendly web interface.

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