Mobile World Congress, Barcelona


World Mobile Congress, Barcelona


iCONIC 120SW offers vast digital display for international mobile phone event

The globe’s largest industry event in mobile technology, Mobile World Congress attracts over 85,000 visitors from 201 countries, who are treated to a wealth of new product launches, industry insight and networking opportunities.

For over 5 years ADI have supplied large mobile LED screens for the event, including a matching pair of iCONIC 100s. For the 2017 event we upgraded the solution to an iCONIC 100 featuring 10mm product and the gigantic iCONIC 120SW, which created a vast digital platform for promotional content and infotainment, situated outside the venue where it could be seen by all attendees.


The iCONIC 120SW was split into three zones, with the broadcast of dedicated event channel Mobile World Live TV in the centre of the screen in 16:9, complimented by digital advertising and event branding.

The trailer of the iCONIC 120SW featured a branded vinyl banner throughout the four day event, offering an additional promotional space that the event organiser could commercialise.

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