iCONIC 100 takes to The Thames

The world’s biggest mobile LED screen floating on The Thames for a giant game of Spin the Bottle!

ADI achieved a world first by floating one of our giant iCONIC 100+ screens on the Thames as part of a brilliant experiential campaign for soft drink Oasis that saw the London Eye reimagined as a giant game of Spin the Bottle.

Video courtesy of VCCP: http://vimeo.com/86096695

The event took place as the sun set on a beautiful Thursday summer’s evening by Jubilee Gardens, but for ADI the work had begun at the very start of the week: 7am on Monday morning to be precise at East London’s Docklands where the iCONIC 100+ was first branded and then carefully loaded onto a barge for its trip up the Thames.

Contestants were chosen via social media games on Facebook and Twitter in the weeks leading up to the event, with 256 lucky contestants winning places in the London Eye pods.

The iCONIC 100+ promoted the event throughout the day, including a countdown clock to the start of the event at sundown.  Once the event started lights span around the giant wheel, before stopping on a chosen pod, at which point the winners were displayed live on the iCONIC 100+ via GoPros and cameramen inside each pod.

Technical Info

The event planners had originally considered a modular screen for this job, before deciding on the iCONIC 100+ which allowed them a far more cost effective and easier to implement solution.  With a short setup and derig time it also added an important safety element which meant the screen could be quickly lowered in the event of any adverse weather conditions.

The campaign proved to be a huge success, with a reach of over 415 million people and 40,000 likes generated through Facebook.