Revo Conference and Exhibition

Creative 4.8mm modular LED installation

Revo Conference and Exhibition

Live Snapchat experience on 4.8mm modular screens

Revo Conference and Exhibition

4.8mm creative modular installation

Revo Conference and Exhibition

4.8mm modular showpiece installation

Bringing commercial creativity and interactive experiences to Revo 2019

ADI have worked with the organisers of Revo for over seven years to supply custom LED screen and content solutions for the largest retail property and place-making event in the UK.

Working heavily in the market with our permnanet install projects we understand the challenges of the industry and the need to evolve into day-out destinations that offer unique and fresh experiences to the public.

For the 2019 conference we demonstrated the value of  super-creative LED canvases and interactive content solutions to drive customer engagement, footfall and commercial revenue.



The “Revo Towers”

We created a showpiece installation called the “Revo Towers”, comprising  18 separate 4.8mm resolution screens in columns of varying height and width. It delivered an inspiring digital modular canvas that despite it’s unusual format was well-suited to brand, interactive, commercial and artistic content.

The tall column screens were broken up by four main “Action screens”, which created natural spaces for interactivity and fun experiences including “Haunted Portraits” that reacted with scary content as people walked past or up to them, and “#RevoSelfie” that created a live snapchat wall where delegates could use gesture control to change the filter. ADI developed the complete LED, content and interactivity solution in-house.

Summer Screen

Given that a large portion of the delegates were landowners, local authorities and retail destinations, we also supplied a Summer Screen solution for the show, with a 4mm modular display in a custom-branded structure. ‘Summer Screens’ are designed for installing in public spaces, town centres and high streets in order to broadcast global sporting events, films and advertising for the public, while boosting footfall and local revenue.

For the show we also ran an interactive emoji AR experience on the Summer Screen to engage delegates with playful content.

Super-wide Screen

The super-wide iCONIC 120SW mobile LED screen was also located in the show hall to offer live social media updates, schedules, multiplayer gaming and large-scale AR experiences. With a 32:9 display it was possible to deliver multiple feeds of content at once, with live social media on the ‘wings’ and a range of 16:9 interactivty and infotainment in the centre.