Live Venue enabled big screen solution for The Stadium of Light.

Sunderland Football Club

Sunderland have hugely enhanced The Stadium of Light’s matchday fan engagement platform thanks to an advanced LED screen and broadcast solution installed ready for the 2012/13 season.

As well as the installation of a brace of 40m² LED screens in the North and South stands, the contract also sees us providing production, programming and broadcast services, delivered through the Live Venue fibre optic broadcast platform. In addition to improving the matchday experience for fans, the solution offers increased touchpoints for the club and its commercial partners.

Live Venue Delivery

Utilising the Live Venue platform opens up a host of opportunities for Sunderland, not least of which that they haven’t had to invest in expensive broadcast studio equipment at the stadium.

Matchday programming is created by our experienced sports production department and is delivered via fibre optic lines from our Live Venue studios in real time throughout the matchday.

A member of ADI’s production team is based full time at Sunderland, ensuring they are on-hand to film interviews and club exclusives for the next matchday’s programming. ADI work closely with Sunderland’s media department to create content that is fresh and unique; designed to encourage fans to arrive early and maximise their matchday enjoyment.

Customer Quote:

“The installation of the new LED screens – coupled with the fresh and unique content which is broadcast during matchdays – has helped us achieve new levels of fan engagement. ADI’s outstanding screen technology and bespoke programming is complimented by their Live Venue service, offering Sunderland AFC vast broadcast possibilities both inside and beyond the stadium.”