The Beacons

Highcross Leicester

The Beacons

Highcross Leicester

The Beacons

Highcross Leicester

Award-winning Interactive digital totems create new landmark for Leicester

With a brief to create something playful, engaging and interactive for an urban space, The Beacons delivers on every level and is a truly landmark project – winning 2017’s Installation Award for Retail/DOOH Project.

The seven towering LED totems have created an immersive digital sculpture outside Highcross Leicester; a dynamic public art experience that people can genuinely engage with and a canvas to showcase local arts and creative campaigns.

Commissioned by Highcross Leicester owners Hammerson, ADI were the prinicpal contractors for the project and worked closely with SOCA and Levitate Architects in order to turn their initial concept into a living piece of art.


Custom and Complex Installation

ADI’s in-house product development team designed bespoke LED tiles that would be mounted at 90 degree angles with a chamfered design to create a seamless edge to every surface, allowing digital content to smoothly flow across the entire installation and creating a different viewing experience as you move towards and around the totems.

Behind the sleek and elegant exterior is a tightly packed, custom designed internal space. The inner circuitry is mounted on a specialised frame and strategically integrated into a compact area of 300mm x 300mm, while also allowing consideration for service access and heat dissipation. All tiles are front access, allowing for easy maintenance.  Integrated movement sensors feature in every totem, creating interactivity and triggering content changes depending on proximity of people.

ADI sub-contracted a content partner to create a bespoke content management platform that allows for interactivity, ambient playout and ease of scheduling.  Highcross can easily empower others to create content for The Beacons, with local agencies, groups and educational establishments involved in programming for special projects and events like Christmas, St Patrick’s Day and Comic Relief.

The installation process offered its own set of challenges with a busy, city centre site and extensive groundworks in preparation for the totems. As Principal Contractors, ADI took complete control of the project and managed all site contractors throughout the foundation dig, power and data installation, product installation, re-instatement and finishing, including commissioning and installation of bespoke street furniture.

The totems were constructed off-site then lifted into position as finished structures once the groundworks were complete, with the entire process achieved over a two month period and delivered on time and within budget.

Creative Content Management

ADI’s pioneering Live Venue software connects The Beacon’s CMS to a central portal, allowing content to be distributed to the individual totems. ADI also provided their Live Venue Eye monitoring service, so diagnosing faults and rectifying problems can be done remotely, minimising costs and interruption to service.


At 2017’s Installation Awards, ADI clinched the prize for the best project in the category of Retail/DOOH. Impressed by the complexity and visual impact of the installation, The Beacons and ADI’s role in the project impressed the judges against strong competition.