Venue wide screen solution at Thorpe Park

Large LED screen at the entrance to Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park

An enhanced customer experience at Thorpe Park incorporating over 30 different LED displays of varying sizes.

ADI designed and installed a venue-wide screen and digital signage platform for one of the leading leisure destinations and theme parks in the UK, Thorpe Park.

The solution has created an enhanced customer experience at Thorpe Park incorporating over 30 different LED displays of varying sizes. The platform also allows park staff to operate an effective queue management which can be easily and centrally managed via bespoke software across a dedicated network.

Entrance Screen

As visitors arrive at the park they are greeted by a 17m² LED screen at the entrance and ticket kiosks. Supporting HD video content and featuring ADI’s own 10mm outdoor product, the large screen offers previews of the rides inside Thorpe Park as well as promotional content.

The screen enables Thorpe Park to have a multi-purpose platform engaging and interacting with visitors while also advertising their offers through a dynamic, effective and flexible channel.

Ride Signs

ADI installed a total of 27 signs at the entrance to each ride throughout the park, enabling visitors to see at a glance how long they are likely to have to queue. Since the entrance to each ride is different, ADI created custom digital signage solutions of different sizes that would integrate into existing structures.

As well as assisting with queue control and busy areas throughout the park, the LED displays also generate additional income for Thorpe Park assisting the sale of FastTrack tickets which are now clearly displayed on the screens at each ride.


Alongside the individual ride signs, ADI have installed three 3.5m² “totem” screens at prominent locations in the park.

The totems provide a complete list of ride queue times, helping visitors decide on their path around the park. This list is fully integrated into the content management system, drawing content from each ride and updating the screens automatically and seamlessly in real time.

As well as ride times, the totems also display promotional video and graphic content which can be updated quickly and easily by park staff.

Network Connectivity

An inherent difficulty with creating such a wide signage network at a theme park is the size and nature of the location. With the park spanning a large outdoor area with no cabling between attractions, connecting each sign to a centralised network is a difficult challenge.

To overcome this ADI designed, specified and installed a wireless control system linking each screen to a local, dedicated network.

Software Control System

ADI have provided a custom-designed software solution for content management. Ride operators radio in to the central control room with queue times, enabling signage to be updated from the central control room. This is managed by a simple browser interface, which also allows easy updating of content for the totems.

iPad App

ADI have incorporated the same system into a bespoke iPad app which enables this process to be done from any location in the park. This has become the favoured approach for Thorpe Park as it is based on real-time visibility of each ride with the content updating instantly.

In addition to the app, ADI have also created an interface enabling the data to link seamlessly into the official Thorpe Park mobile app.