Under the Stars

Newham London

Innovative LED Screen and Event Broadcast Solution for Annual Community Festival

Taking place in August each year, Newham Council’s Under the Stars Festival sees over 40,000 local people flock to Central Park in East Ham over the four days of festivities and ADI are long time supplier to this fantastic free event for the large local community.

The varied programme features something for everyone, with a different cultural and musical theme each evening catering for a wide variety of tastes.

Full Solution

We provide Newham Council with a complete event broadcast solution encompassing not only LED screens but a full event broadcast solution:

Stage LED Screens

Instead of building stage wings structures and hanging modular screens, Under the Stars features two iCONIC 25+ screens which flank the stage, providing a far more cost effective solution to Newham Council.

The two iCONICs are joined by a further 15m² modular screen which forms a dynamic stage backdrop behind the acts, utilising ADI’s modular high resolution outdoor 6mm screen panels.

Event Broadcast

We provide everything the chow organisers to create a complete Event Broadcast, including one of our EV units along with fully crewed four camera production team and graphics operator to allow us to play different programmes of live and pre-created content to the mobile and stage screens.

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