Victoria Square

Flown shopping centre LED screen

Shopping centre LED screen at Northern Ireland’s premiere shopping location.

Belfast’s largest shopping centre features an 11m² LED screen, installed by ADI in late 2012.

The large LED display is a key focal point at the venue and is installed on a lift shaft beneath the shopping centre’s centrepiece dome. With a full programme of events and retailer promotions throughout the year, the management of Victoria Square wanted a high impact platform through which to advertise upcoming occasions and current offers to shoppers. The screen will also run advertising messages from external companies, in addition to providing entertainment for visitors by screening TV channels.

ADI have provided a full solution to Victoria Square encompassing not only manufacture and installation, but also ongoing maintenance and a full content management system, allowing Victoria Square to control programming onsite.

ADI also have full remote access allowing them to monitor the system health from the Live Venue studios whilst fixed HD CCTV cameras enable realtime monitoring and early visual diagnosis of any potential issues.

The Screen

Created using ADI’s 6mm indoor S Line product – the shopping centre LED screen is well suited to the retail environment where the viewer tends to be in close proximity to screens and digital signage. ADI’s indoor LED product offers a brighter and more dynamic picture than competing technologies such as projection, LCD and plasma, providing stunning impact and stand out even in the high ambient light conditions normally found in a shopping centre. The screen itself is front fixed to its surrounding cabinetry, making for ease of installation and maintenance.

Sound is provided through speakers housed in ADI custom built pods that are seamlessly incorporated into the edges of the screen.

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