Watford FC: World's First Virtual Replacement Perimeter LED

ADI's Virtual Replacement digiBOARD

Watford FC Perimeter LED System

digiBOARD: Premier League's leading LED Petimeter System

ADI Deliver World's First Virtual Replacement Perimeter LED System

ADI installed a new Virtual Hybrid perimeter LED display for, Premier League team, Watford FC ahead of the 2016/17 season. The Hybrid LED system allows the club to deliver traditional LED perimeter advertising to fans within the stadium, whilst virtually replacing the content seen by viewers watching in different countries.


  • World’s first Virtual Hybrid LED perimeter system.
  • Combines ADI’s industry leading perimeter LED display with Supponor’s DBR Live virtual replacement technology.
  • Allows virtual replacement of content for different broadcast territories without affecting the LED content in the venue.
  • Creates new revenue opportunity – commercialising 90 mins of inventory multiple times.
  • Integrated crowd facing LED display allows the club to target fans within the stadium.
  • Connected to Live Venue – ADI’s pioneering content delivery fibre network.

ADI installed a new Virtual Hybrid perimeter LED system for Watford FC ahead of the 2016/17 Premier League season. The revolutionary technology, which was the first of its kind in the world, combines ADI’s industry leading LED system with Supponor’s augmented reality platform.

The game changing innovation makes it possible for the club to virtually overlay the perimeter board content seen by viewers watching in different territories – all in real time – whilst retaining visible LED to serve fans in the stadium.

Instead of delivering a single advertising message to the entire global audience, the technology makes it possible to totally transform the commercial platform – allowing the club to create a broader range of international partnerships that offer real value to brands by allowing them to localise their message.

So, for example, a North American beer brand advert may be seen by viewers watching in the USA, whilst at the same time, fans in China see a more familiar Asian beer brand.

Global Localisation Platform

Until now virtual replacement technology has only been possible using specialist static boards that are installed and removed for every match. This historically causes operational challenges and affects the aesthetic of the stadium. In this case, however, the Virtual Hybrid LED system is a permanently installed solution, retaining  a dynamic digital experience for fans in the stadium, whilst offering the commercial benefits of virtual replacement targeting for international audiences.

Offering further value, ADI’s system integrates a crowd facing LED display, serving content to the thousands of fans in the stands. This allows the club to deliver engaging stat/fan rousing content and offers a platform for regional brands to communicate with fans.

Creating a Standardised Solution

ADI’s Live Venue network connects the stadium to our operations centre via broadcast fibre, which means content – both visible and virtual – can be remotely managed.

All of the processing power required to digitally insert each strand of content for individual broadcast feeds will take place remotely at ADI’s recently expanded operations centre. This removes the demand on stadium resources, and is key to the creation of a scalable solution that can be delivered across multiple stadia simultaneously.

Learn more about Virtual Hybrid digiBOARD and our wider stadium solutions at www.adi.tv/sport