30 Years of

We’ve worked in LED for nearly 30 years.  We understand the technology, we understand the structures, we understand the content that grabs the attention of your customers. 
We specialise in creating bespoke solutions that connect with customers and maximise commercial value to ensure you get the most from your investment not only on day one, but throughout its lifetime.


The starting point of any project.  Initially we discuss your ambitions and aims – are you looking to engage customers, entertain fans, provide information or activate partnerships?

We look at the types of content you’d like to play and if you have the resource available to create and manage it and the support we can offer.

We consider the location and feel of the surrounding environment to ensure we can design a solution that fits aesthetically.   We advise on any planning issues that we feel may arise and can assist in overcoming these.

And we consider the commercial side – helping to create a solid and commercially viable use case that ensures maximum value from your asset.


We’ve installed hundreds of LED screens in some incredibly challenging locations. Our screens are frequently installed in exposed public spaces so we take safety seriously.

We work with proven and trusted structural engineers and steel fabricators to ensure that our installations are both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

Project Visualisation

You’ll want to have a good idea of how your installation will look before you sign off on it. We offer a range of options depending on the complexity of your project, from photo and scale-realistic photographic renders, through to fully realised 3D models. We can even provide a full VR walkthrough to give you complete clarity on how the project would interact with existing surroundings.


We’ve nearly 30 years experience of working with LED technology and 15 years of those are as a manufacturer. 

We do this so that we’re able to design our products specifically around the needs of our customers.  And our customers don’t all have the same needs, so we provide different options to suit.

We don’t just use our screens in our installations – they’re used in our fleet of over fifty mobile LED screens at thousands of events each year, so we’re perfectly placed to continually test and evolve our products. 

Most of the screens we install are designed and manufactured by us, but we also work with a few other closely vetted suppliers that we’re comfortable in installing and supporting.


Our customers rarely just need a screen – usually, we integrate with multiple other technologies to create a complete solution to create, deliver and manage their content.

We partner with the very best manufacturers and suppliers of complementary technologies to ensure we are able to offer solutions best suited to creative and budgetary requirements.


We provide complete project managed solutions, taking control at every stage – from breaking ground to making good.

Acting as Primary Contractors, we take full responsibility for the entire of the site and process, including full management of all sub-contractors and associated suppliers.

Content Creation & Management

A full in-house Production department is on hand to create stunning content to bring your installation to life.

If you don’t have the resource yourself we can help you to operate your screen, with services ranging from scheduling playlists to full live event production.

Service & Maintenance

All our screens come with warranties fully supported by our own bench engineering team and field service engineers.  We provide preventative maintenance and ongoing monitoring to ensure maximum uptime.  And with 30 years of experience, you can be assured that we’ll be around to service your investment throughout its lifetime.

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