Event Digital Signage


LED Digital Signage Solutions
for Live Events

Digital signage can lift live events to the next level. Our modular LED panels can be used to create inspirational LED digital signage for live event environments.

Transform your event venue with stunning high-definition LED wayfinding solutions or, for sports events, activate brand partners with LED Gantries or digiBOARD digital advertising boards.

ADI LED panels are slimline and lightweight, meaning they can be built bigger, faster and in more locations than ever – perfect for application of inventive digital signage.

SIGNAGE for events

LED digital signage is increasingly popular for wayfinding, amplifying partner brands and enhancing audience experience.

Thanks to the features of modern LED and the compact design of modular tiles, there are few limitations in creating event LED signage that’s more ambitious in scale and design concept.

Our services in event digital signage expand to playout, operation and creative production, delivered by skilled in-house teams.

LED Totems

LED digital totems are an increasingly popular design for displaying wayfinding information and amplifying partner brands at events.

We provide a range of pre-designed and bespoke totem digital signage solutions to suit your exact requirements, including content creation and connectivity services if required.

We have benefitted from ADI’s ability to bring innovation and experience, with brand new event infrastructure that is digital, versatile and dynamic, shaping a more immersive spectator experience and creating spectacular broadcast imagery. Their impressive LED technologies are supported by a knowledgeable operational team.

LED Gantries
for Sports Events

We provide digital LED gantries for some of the biggest names in sport. 

Digital LED is an increasingly popular solution for racing gantries, often at the start or finish line, with opportunities to amplify multiple partner brands and enhance audience experience with engaging and informative content.

We can provide a range of pre-designed and bespoke digital signage solutions for gantries to suit your exact requirements.

digiBOARDS -Digital Ribbon Advertising Boards

ADI digiBOARDs, or LED digital ribbon advertising boards, are used extensively in stadium environments and are becoming increasingly popular in other sporting events. 

Creating the perfect canvas for activating brands and advertising space, digiBOARDs and also be used creatively for crowd control or to enhance audience experience with hype content.

Our services in event digital signage expand to playout, operation and creative production, delivered by skilled in-house teams.

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Event Screen Hire

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