Modular LED Screen Hire


Creative Modular LED Screen Solutions for events

Our modular LED Screens can be used to create spectacular modular LED installations for live event environments – transforming your venue with stunning high-definition LED canvases in indoor or outdoor locations.

Modern LED panels are both slimline and lightweight, meaning they can be built bigger, faster and in more locations than ever.

Whether you require a creative showpiece LED screen for audience impact or bespoke LED and structure solution to fit your vision, we can help plan and design your event  – creating a memorable and immersive spectator experience.


We carry a huge stock of high-resolution modular LED panels, enabling us to create vast and varied digital canvases.

Our modular LED Screens can be built to any size and shape, whether that’s traditional concert ‘flown’ LED screens or vast super-wide backdrops with multiple content zones. Most of our modular LED panels are suitable for both indoor or outdoor events.

We provide a full solution service – we don’t just provide the screens; but can design, supply and build full supporting structures, working with a selection of trusted partners to ensure these are both elegant and safe.

Bespoke modular INDOOR LED displays in any shape, size or aspect ratio.

Built to withstand the outdoor elements, our bespoke modular OUTDOOR LED displays can be designed to suit any shape, size or aspect ratio.


We excel at conceptualising, designing, and delivering custom-designed creative LED screens to impress spectators and broadcast audiences.

Whether this is a giant LED cube stage structure or a 100m run of digital pitlane garages for international motorsport, we’re able to deliver completely unique, end-to-end solutions. 

For event wayfinding or brand activation, take a look at our event digital signage solutions.

ADI helped us take the existing paddock and turn it into a more dynamic experience. It’s an exciting concept and they offered a fully integrated approach, with support from content creation through to the LED screen technologies and live event delivery.


Most of our modular LED panels are suited to both indoor and outdoor use, however we also carry stock of ultra fine pitch indoor panels that are suited for much closer viewing distances.

These screens look stunning, even from less than a metre away and are ideal for interactive and reactive LED activations for fan engagement or brands.


ADI are specialists in semi-permanent LED screens, often known as ‘Summer Screens.’ 

Installed to allow national or international events to be delivered to a local audience, these Summer Screens create social hubs where people gather together to watch exciting occasions, while increasing business for local cafes, shops and restaurants. 

A variety of options are available for different screen structures to suit city centre or urban environments.

Many customers also take advantage of our branding service, with specially created banners or vinyl wraps to promote local businesses, big brands or activate new product launches. Our team can also assist with media advertising sales to offset costs. 


We don’t just have great ideas; we can also bring them to life with full 3D conceptualisation and in-house R&D. 

From rendered videos to a complete VR experience, our team of experts help you realise your vision, and can immerse you in custom event concepts from the very start of your planning.

With in-house R&D teams, any new products, services and event concepts are always driven by innovation and developed using the latest technologies.

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Without great content, a screen is just a blank canvas. 

Our creative production house supplies inspirational video and bespoke digital content that instantly engages audiences, activates brands, and invigorates events.

Whether it’s channel branding, graphics, or atmosphere-enhancing video, our producers and editors can design stunning video content for screens of every format.

We can also provide a full creative service – from initial event concepts through to on-the-day event delivery. If required, our sports presentation teams can take ownership in creating exceptional fan experiences.

LED SCREEN structures & digital BRANDING

All our LED screens can be branded to create a powerful promotional space below or around the screen to maximise exposure and value for event partners using printed banners or vinyl wraps. 

Or use the screen itself as a platform for high impact digital branding with custom frames for your content. Bespoke structures can be designed and created to house the screen creatively – please contact us for more details.


Mobile LED Screens

Big Screens for Big Events - Hire Mobile LED screens ranging from 12 to 120m²

Event Digital Signage

Activate brands, create wayfinding and crowd control solutions with event digital signage
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