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It’s been a meteoric rise for AFC Bournemouth in recent years which sees the club flying high in the upper echelons of English football. 

And last summer, the club, Umbro and ADI Films teamed up for the first time as we flew high together with the creation of Bournemouth’s 2018-19 Kit Launch Video.

The process started back in February 2018, with ADI producing a thorough treatment and storyboard, selling the concept of the picturesque local area and the uniqueness of Bournemouth’s geographical location on the South coast; ferry ports, piers, beaches etc. coupled with a fitness model who ran a route along the coast, coming in to contact with various football club personal on that journey until she met the team, in the new home kit, on the pier.

Foraying out into the local area had various challenges that most kit launches don’t have, with permission needed from authorities such as the local council to close the pier for a day and even the coastguard so we could fly a drone out to sea – proving just how valuable a full and thorough recce is to any shoot.

A two-day outdoor shoot also gave the UK weather a chance to show it’s ‘uniqueness’, and yes you’ve guessed it, we went from glorious sunshine on day one (to the extent of the director being sunburnt) to gale force wind and rain the following morning.

But the above pitfalls are what makes such a project the challenge we at ADI crave, and with excellent support from the club, the filming was completed on time and to budget, using our Sony FS7 and DJI Mavic air drone, before the raw footage was whisked back to the office to be logged before our dedicated edit team got down to the business of making the dream into a reality.

With the rough cut signed off by the club, the finessing began with dubbing various sound effects and the music track onto the timeline, before grading, colour correcting and making a few last-minute tweaks and amends ahead of launch date, including multiple versions of the VT being created for consumption across various platforms.

And with that, we were done. A unique kit launch for a unique, community based club who continue to fly high.