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ADI’s Content department has had a very strong relationship with our partnered football clubs for the last decade, producing matchday content on a biweekly basis for over 15 clubs in England’s top two leagues.

Always looking to develop our service, in June 2014 we saw a trend whereby every year football clubs were looking to promote season ticket and kit launch campaigns through the production of short films.

Buoyed by our partnerships with a large proportion of football clubs in the English League and a plethora of editors, directors, camera operators and an in-house archive team at ADI HQ, we were very well positioned to exploit this niche market.

So, with an enticing ‘new stadium launch’ film proposal, sent to club officials at West Ham United and backed up with years of experience producing engaging promotional videos for football fans, ADI Films was born.

Originally described as ‘a nice summer revenue stream’ by ADI.tv CEO Geraint Williams, ADI Films has developed into one of the main components of production for the Content Department.

Tom Savage, Executive Producer and creator of the ADI Films brand, highlighted the reason why ADI Films has performed so well since its inception. He said: “We have some wonderful creatives here at ADI and what I think we do is tell a story really well. We don’t see football clubs as the cash cows that some agencies possibly have done in the past. We work with clubs across every league on a daily basis and understand that, for most, they really need to stretch their marketing budgets to maximise value.”

A large part of the success of ADI Films is our understanding of the clientele. Often our clientele has predetermined aims for their campaign and on occasion we are involved to facilitate a project rather than create it; to turn their vision into a reality.

ADI Films has branched out in the last four years and now works with partners in other sports and sectors. The range of content we produce has also changed as we have added hospitality VTs, business showcases and music videos to our repertoire.

From concept to delivery ADI Films will take care of every aspect. Producing content that exceeds the client’s expectations. On every proposal, a producer will work closely with the client’s point of contact to deliver the upmost from the available budget. We pride ourselves on decision making with value at the forefront of our thinking. Regarding the delivery of high-quality films at a low cost, Savage added: “Storytelling is something I’ve always been passionate about and we’ve got the talent here to be really creative and we always strive to push ourselves to exceed expectations. Whether clubs are big or small in resource, every pound they spend on their campaign must be accountable. Clubs can come to us with their concept and we can help to visualise it in a powerful way regardless of budget.”

ADI Films continues to look for opportunities for expansion. In the coming years, the business will look to move into other areas of film production, be that in sport or outside it. We will improve our relationship with our current partners and develop our portfolio of clients further.


Watch this space!