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NFL International Series, London

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Chinese New Year, London

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OB Unit

Chinese New Year, London

Fully-featured event broadcast solutions to help you make the most of your big screen

What good is a big screen if you haven't got anything to show on it?

We're able to provide everything you need to put whatever you want onto your screen - ranging from a simple playout of a feed to a fully-featured multi-camera event broadcast - to help you make the most of your big screen!

Jessica Ennis being filmed at the manchester city games

Event Broadcast

Why involve yet another company to produce your event broadcasting? Let ADI take care of your whole event broadcast – with a rich history in outside broadcast (including work with MTV and BBC Sport), we can provide a full event broadcast solution at competitive rates, whether you need one camera or a dozen.

We operate three fully-featured dedicated mobile broadcast units, specced and built specifically for the event broadcast industry.


Multi Input HD capable

Powerful and flexible production desk to play virtually anything you want, including up to 8 HD camera channels

Flexible multi playback facilities

Live events have a habit of throwing up unexpected changes, so we've focused on technology that can play practically anything you might throw at it!

Camera engineering

Available with fully-racked broadcast spec system cameras for consistency of presentation

Setup to suit Your event

Flexible multi-view monitors to suit your event requirements

WiFi Enabled

In-van 3G/4G network (where available)

Digital audio mixer

Make sure your event sounds as good as it looks

RF Cameras

Available with HD or SD gigawave RF cameras for remote shooting

Multi format broadcast specification recording

Save your event in whatever format you want for later use

Comfortable working space

For up to 4 operators

Experienced Staff

We've worked in the broadcast industry for over 20 years - as well as a large in-house production department, we offer full technical and operational staffing for our broadcast teams, calling upon a rich pool of in-house and freelance talent at all skill levels to suit the needs and budget of your event.

Social Wall

What better way to boost interactivity and engagement with your event audience than creating a giant tweet wall?

Our iCONIC+ screens offer an incredible platform for event interaction and we're able to provide a complete solution to our customers:


Avoid any embarrassing episodes with full browser-based content moderation either by ADI staff of your own


Change colours, logos, backdrops to suit your - or your event sponsor's - brand


Choose from a fullscreen wall or a ticker to go along the top or bottom of your screen - or use both!

Completely Social!

Why be bound by just Twitter? Choose from multiple social media channels including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Flickr for a massive social mash up!


Fully featured to include photos as well as text tweet - essential for the smartphone-armed event generation!


Competitive rates often far cheaper than third party suppliers

iCONIC Onboard Playout

All of our iCONICs come with an onboard playout facility which will allow playout of virtually any feed supplied. These are ideal for most of our customers who just want the screen to playout a single feed of content throughout the event.

Suitable for:

  • playout of pre-produced content eg. DVD
  • a television broadcast feed
  • feed from an onsite production company ie. you already have an outside broadcast team booked

In Action: Event Production & Broadcast Case Studies