Splendour Festival,Nottingham

2 x iCONIC 100s

Festival 2018, Glasgow

Modular screen and iCONIC 15

Lytham Festival


Enhance live music events with ADI’s unique LED screens

LED screens have evolved to become an integral part of concert and festival staging, not only for image magnification but to astound and immerse audiences in the moment.

  • A variety of screens for use at stage side, backdrops and front of house
  • Creative and custom modular solutions
  • Screens for VIP and hospitality areas
  • Full event production, broadcast and video distribution

Amaze audiences with spectacular modular solutions

With a wide range of outdoor modular products we can design unique LED screens for any area of the staging, going beyond traditional formats to inspire and excite those in attendance.

Think Mobile for Concerts and Festivals

With multiple, matching screens in the ICONIC fleet we can provide solutions for either side of the main stage, offering cost efficiencies and ease of delivery for busy concert and festival sites.

VIP and Hospitality Areas

Add value to the VIP experience through our innovative range of screens. Products like the iCONIC H provide a unique ‘pop-up’ multi-level hospitality space that integrates large LED screens for dynamic digital branding and live video display.

Full Event Broadcast and Video Distribution

We’re able to provide a complete festival broadcast service, built to meet the needs of your event. Multiple cameras can be supported by a full graphics presentation and pre- produced content for broadcast to your event screens.

In Action: Concerts & Festivals Case Studies

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