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Epoch 15

Multi-format LED screen that delivers a revolutionary viewing experience

The Epoch 15 brings dynamic movement to event screens, seamlessly revolving between landscape and portrait formats to deliver 'the mobile experience' on a larger scale.

In an era where smartphones and tablets are king, the Epoch 15 allows you to switch screen format to suit the content shown, delivering incredible flexibility and impact to your programming.


Captivate and delight audiences with a screen that can revolve and rotate.


Offer a high impact promotional platform for event partners, sponsors and brands.


360 degree rotation allows you to turn the screen to target specific audiences or event areas at different times of the day.

Built-in Speakers

Built-in Speakers

Setup time under an hour

Setup time of under an hour

Large Audiences

Get your message across to more people

What Do Our Customers Say?

The Epoch 15 made such an impact on the audience; it brought huge value to have a screen that could be switched to portrait or landscape in order to suit the variety of video and social media content we displayed.

Technical Specs

Length 5,610mm
Maximum Height (portrait) 8,602mm
Maximum Height(landscape) 7,356mm
Height to base of screen (portrait) 3,070mm
Height to base of screen (landscape) 4,316mm
Screen size 5,120mm x 2,880mm
Screen Resolution from 10mm (actual)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Screen Power Requirements 63/3 phase supply with a
100milliamp variable RCD

In Action: Epoch 15 Case Studies