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Huge Super Wide LED screen brings new possibilities for event engagement

With a vast 32:9 superwide screen, the iCONIC 120SW isn’t just the world’s largest mobile LED screen, it’s by far the most versatile.

  • Huge 32:9 screen can be split into multiple live content zones
  • Over 20m / 70ft wide – that’s bigger than 2 double decker buses side by side!
  • Rotate to any angle
  • TUV certified to Gale force 8

Go Beyond Bigger

Modern events are looking for more than simply video magnification. We live in a world of media partnerships, social engagement and second screen experiences.

With its unique superwide format, the iCONIC 120 brings a platform that is not only bigger than every other mobile LED screen, but allows you to use the space in far more creative ways.

Activate Partnerships

Maximise sponsorship values with dedicated zones to promote your event partner brands

The huge 32:9 screen provides ample extra space to display full moving video and graphics that – unlike static branding – can be changed at will throughout your event.

Maximise Engagement

Bring the second screen experience to the whole audience!

Bring social media walls, event information and timings right onto your main event screen. Create a more immersive environment so your fans aren’t reaching for their mobile phones for key event information.

Wow Factor

Of course, you don’t have to split the screen – you can create a gigantic ultrawide canvas for high impact cinema-style video.

Get Creative

The iCONIC 120SW comes with a fully featured multiview switcher allowing you to setup and segment the screen exactly as you like it.

Mix and manage multiple streams of content and switch between layouts at any time to create an incredibly creative and reactive canvas.

Playout 3 live video feeds and an animated background, each to be displayed simultaneously.

High Resolution Screen

The iCONIC 120SW features an ultra high resolution 10mm SMD screen, for pinsharp picture quality and high density data and text.

Brandable trailer

Fully brandable trailer

On-board generator

On-board playout suite & built in super quiet generator

360º positionable screen

Directional screen - can be spun through 360° to face crowd

Setup time under an hour

Setup time of under an hour

Large Audiences

Get your message across to more people with near 100m² of 16:9 screen – comfortably the world’s largest mobile LED screens

What Do Our Customers Say?

The iCONIC 120SW is a sight to behold – even bigger than we thought it would be! The fact we could show messages and logos alongside the main content went down really well with our main sponsors.

Technical Specs

Weight (without tractor) 33,000KG
Length 13,590mm
Length (with tractor unit) 16,700mm
Width 2,543mm
Width (with hydraulic legs out) 5,200mm
Height (raised) 11,061mm
Screen size 20,480mm x 5,760mm
Screen Resolution from 10mm (actual)
Aspect Ratio 32:9
Screen Power Requirements 125/3 phase supply with a
100milliamp variable RCD