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Big Screen in an elegant lightweight package

A large 25m² mobile LED screen with a lightweight, small trailer – our iCONIC 25s are an elegant solution suited to small to medium sized events and the urban environment.

Each iCONIC 25 features a 25m² 16:9 outdoor screen and is built upon our lightweight urban chassis, giving an elegant and unobtrusive design with a useful stage area beneath the screen.

The iCONIC 25 it the world's largest screen available on a non-HGV platform. This means a low kerb-weight of just 7.5 tons, small footprint and outstanding manoeuvrability, making it perfect for the urban and city centre environment, ensuring your streets aren't dominated by a large trailer.

What's more, low fuel consumption ensures that we minimise both your transport costs and our carbon footprint.

As with every other iCONIC outdoor screen, the iCONIC 25 comes with an onboard super-quiet generator and directional screen, making it versatile, flexible and fully self-sufficient.

Full trailer branding is available for our iCONIC 25's enabling an additional promotional area around the base of the trailer and helping to maximise event sponsorship value - please see our branding page for further details.

Brandable trailer

Fully brandable trailer

Lightweight trailer

Lightweight, manoeuvrable chassis and tractor unit

360º positionable screen

Directional screen - can be moved through 360° to face crowd

Suitable for close-range viewing

Great for city centres

On-board generator

On-board, super-quiet generator

Setup time under an hour

Setup time of under an hour

What Do Our Customers Say?

...the screen looked fantastic and the sign language and subtitles looked incredibly sharp, meaning the event was fully accessible for everyone.

Technical Specs

Weight (without tractor) 5,500kg
Length 6,747mm
Width 2,300mm
Height (lowered) 3,256mm
Height (raised) 6,540mm
Screen size 6,480mm x 3,840mm
Screen Resolution from 10mm (actual)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Screen Power Requirements 32/3 phase supply with a
100milliamp variable RCD