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Comfortably larger than your average mobile LED screen, our iCONIC 60s boast incredible versatility for entertaining large audiences in all weather conditions

Each of our iCONIC 60 mobile LED screens features a 16:9 widescreen 60m² Virtuality screen, giving exceptional picture quality and contrast levels

They come with all of the standard features you'd expect from an iCONIC screen: on-board generator, 60 minute setup time, plus on-board processor and playout suite.

Our iCONIC 60s are also available with on-board production facilities – please ask for further details.

An iCONIC 60 is the ideal large screen for exposed areas and they are certified stable at windspeeds of up to 90km/h.

As with all iCONIC outdoor screens, the iCONIC 60 can be fully branded to add additional promotional value. Please see our branding page for further details.

Brandable trailer

Fully brandable trailer

On-board generator

Built in super quiet generator

360º positionable screen

Directional screen - can be spun through 360° to face crowd

Large Audiences

Get your message across to more people with near 100m² of 16:9 screen – comfortably the world’s largest mobile LED screens

Setup time under an hour

Setup time of under an hour

On-board Playout suite

On-board playout suite

High wind speed rating

High wind speed rating

What Do Our Customers Say?

ADI’s screen looked great and was bigger than ones we’d used in previous years. With 20,000 guests at the party, the screen certainly helped everyone get a great view of the on-stage action.

Technical Specs

Weight (without tractor) 33,000KG
Length 13,545mm
Length (with tractor unit) 17,045mm
Width 2,543mm
Width (with hydraulic legs out) 5,200mm
Height (raised) 11,576mm
Screen size 10,240mm x 5,760mm
Screen Resolution from 10mm (actual)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Screen Power Requirements 125/3 phase supply with a
100milliamp variable RCD