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What We Do

Each week, the world’s leading sports leagues, broadcasters and rights holders rely on ADI’s Live Venue broadcast fibre network to deliver their sports to hundreds of millions of fans.

We offer an end-to-end solution covering the complete content journey: acquisition, ingest, editing, encoding and distribution to global broadcast and digital and streaming platforms.

Live Venue powers next-generation video experiences and connects the world’s leading sports leagues with hundreds of millions of fans across the globe.

Conflict-Free Connectivity

Live Venue offers a completely agnostic broadcast platform – vital for leagues and federations wishing to avoid any potential conflict of interest with their broadcast partners.

ADI are a privately-owned, completely independent company without association with rights holders, broadcasters or betting organisations.

This makes us perfectly placed to act as a technology and service partner for leagues and federations wishing to commercialise their content and deliver more content-based solutions to a wider audience.

Servicing Global Sports Fans

We enable seamless delivery of English football to a global, multi-platform audience. Live Venue allows sports federations to offer their rights holders more content, more quickly in a cost effective manner, ensuring a greater quality of coverage for fans across the globe.

Connecting Venues With Fans

We help make matchdays memorable with dedicated programming produced and delivered live from our Live Venue galleries to screens and devices throughout the stadium.

National Coverage > Global Distribution

Live Venue is the UK’s largest privately owned broadcast fibre network, currently connecting over 100 venues to our central SportsHub.

Our extensive network footprint includes every stadium in English football’s Premier League and Football Leagues, providing them with direct access to key broadcast locations, global broadcasters and IP distribution platforms and enabling them to reach hundreds of millions of fans across the globe every week.


Cut costs of acquisition by utilising ADI remote production with cameras mixed live at the Live Venue Production galleries.

Take your production to the next level with RED® cameras, shooting broadcast, stills or motion.

Alternatively, we offer a standards-agnostic ingest workflow compatible with any single camera or pre-mixed match feeds delivered over Live Venue.

// Ultra-high resolution
// High dynamic range
// Future-proof for 4K acquisition


Save your content in our on-site, fully redundant data centre. Ingested content live allows it to be repurposed to fulfil all additional stakeholder requirements.

Upload and store anything you like, your content is always at your fingertips thanks to our advanced Media Asset Management system.

// Unlimited capacity
// Accessible Anywhere
// Secure


Adobe Anywhere lets you edit and collaborate on content wherever you are. Content is stored and served directly, meaning no need to wait for huge files to be downloaded locally and no need to invest in expensive editing workstations and storage!


Live Venue Global Partners

We’re partnering with the biggest names in global video acquisition and editing to provide a high quality workflow that delivers an innovative, flexible and cost-effective suite of services for Venues, Broadcasters, Federations, Leagues and Brands.

Within the last ten years, RED has revolutionised digital image acquisition. Providing unparalleled value with incredible quality and resolution, RED cameras have become a staple first in Hollywood movies and increasingly in US sport. RED is trusted by over 20 major sporting teams throughout the NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, and NBA.

In conjunction with ADI, RED cameras are coming to UK sport - bringing unsurpassed high quality content that can be used across multiple media platforms and bring value to broadcasters, federations and clubs alike.

As renowned global leaders in digital marketing and digital media solutions, Adobe’s tools and services allow their customers to create groundbreaking digital content, deploy it across media and devices, measure and optimize it over time and achieve greater business success.

Adobe Anywhere is a breakthrough collaborative video editing platform available to ADI customers via the Live Venue network.

With your library of assets and media stored and filed centrally on the Live Venue servers, Adobe Anywhere allows your teams to access full resolution content and collaborate instantly and seamlessly.

Built around industry-leading software such as Adobe® Premiere® Pro and Prelude™, Adobe Anywhere provides a familiar work environment for production teams but with incredible new levels of flexibility and efficiencies.

Adobe Anywhere improves all of your video production workflows, truly allowing collaboration without boundaries.

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