Driving Next-Generation Broadcast

Helping broadcasters holders get closer to the action and realise more value from rights packages.

The world’s leading broadcasters and rights holders rely on ADI to provide the images and data that drive the live narrative on the world’s biggest sports leagues.

Live Venue not only delivers multiple live match feeds in a highly cost-effective workflow, but includes a host of benefits to broadcasters looking to add personality and value to their rights and deliver additional content streams to viewers across multiple platforms.

Guaranteed Level of Service

Federation-level contracts ensure guaranteed levels of connectivity and quality of service across all league stadia. We empower broadcasters and rights holders with high quality, reliable and consistent video demanded by the live broadcast environment and to deliver a consistent league-wide broadcast experience.

SportsHub with Adobe Anywhere

We negate the need to take delivery of every minute of every match – Sports Hub creates a central repository of content that you can dip into and simply take the bits as and when you need them.

Adobe Anywhere offers allows for edits to be created edited remotely and collaboratively, creating real savings in time, manpower and unnecessary transport of huge content files.

With Anywhere, content ingest becomes an IT workflow rather than a broadcast workflow, creating a thin end solution that frees up central apparatus and equipment and negates the requirement for heavy MCR monitoring and support.

Remote Broadcast

Live Venue is remote broadcast ready, whether you wish to utilise our connectivity to produce content at your own studios or utilise our own Live Venue gallery space.

We can provide a full acquisition-to-broadcast remote production workflow. RED’s EPIC DRAGON camera equipped with the REDCAST™ Module captures unrivaled detail, impressive native exposure latitude, and image density comparable to 35mm film.

Our fully-featured remote production galleries—including full broadcast graphics presentation and commentary—provide a seamless delivery mechanism ready to satisfy all the requirements of a live broadcast.

Alternatively, we can provide the infrastructure and technical services for you to manage your own remote broadcast workflow, with all cameras, comms and data routed through the Live Venue network to your production galleries.

Unilateral Links

Empowering your producers to create channel-specific content to add personality and maximise value of your rights.

Report from pitch-side and deliver the latest breaking interviews – delivered over the Live Venue network at a fraction of the cost of providing satellite links.

Multi Format Delivery

Deliver your content in whatever format you require. Live Venue supports multiple formats with real time encoding and transcoding to suit your audience and delivery requirements.

Not Just Video

As well as video ADI delivers data, audio and comms IP solutions over our network at majority of connected venues to provide cost-effective additional solutions and simplify your matchday requirements.

4K Ready

Live Venue has been built to be future proof with full capabilities for a 4K broadcast workflow.

Multiple Delivery Points

Deliver your content where you want it. We provide delivery to multiple distribution hubs including BT Tower and major broadcasters and rights holders.

Or deliver direct to your fans with multiple streaming options and Tier One internet connectivity to suit your preferred IP delivery choice.