Powering Clubs & Venues

The UK’s fastest growing broadcast fibre network, Live Venue provides bidirectional, ultra-fast connectivity for venues wishing to connect with a global audience and enhance communication with fans inside the venue.

Live Venue acts as a central portal to not only create and deliver stunning content to screens within the stadium, but also to connect clubs and venues to their global fanbase.

Turbo Charge Matchday Engagement

Live Venue has paved the way for a revolution in venue audience engagement, providing next generation programming managed and delivered directly from the Live Venue production galleries.

ADI’s skilled and experienced Production department currently manage and deliver content for over 15 Premier League and Championship clubs. We work closely with your media department to create engaging, broadcast quality programming delivered across multiple channels in your venue that adds tangible value to the matchday experience.

Total Asset Management with Adobe Anywhere

All of your content at your fingertips. We live in a world of ever-increasing media being generated. Our SportsHub asset management solution provides a powerful and flexible centralised storage facility allowing you to easily store, tag, find and edit every piece of club media, whether that be from 50 years ago or 50 years in the future.

Your Content... Anywhere...

SportsHub Asset Management is a complete end-to-end solution, providing not only a storage and access service but the ability to edit and collaborate like never before via the revolutionary Adobe Anywhere platform.

Built around industry-leading software such as Adobe® Premiere® Pro and Prelude™, Adobe Anywhere provides a familiar work environment for production teams.

With your library of assets and media stored and tagged centrally on the Live Venue servers, Adobe Anywhere allows your teams to access full resolution content and collaborate instantly and seamlessly.

Remote Broadcast is Here

We’re moving Remote Broadcast from Future Tech to Now Tech.

We’re able to provide venues and sports with cost effective workflows to acquire, produce and distribute content to new audiences across multiple platforms.

Remote production means you can wave goodbye to costly outside broadcast units – all the camera feeds are brought over the Live Venue network and mixed in our production galleries.

Improving On-Pitch Performance

Energise your sports science teams

Live Venue already provides the footage and workflow behind match footage exchange services which allow clubs across English football leagues to access complete matches and additional angles of every league match.

But we also offer a range of video and data options for clubs wishing to extract that extra bit of value from their match analysis.

We can provide standard or fixed camera positions and pan&scan technology to enable complete post-match analysis of every piece of the action.

Shooting on RED cameras with ultra-high resolution sensors means that you’re able to zoom into every pass, tackle, shot and save with stunning detail.


With Tier One internet connectivity, we can stream content pretty much anywhere it’s required.

As well as YouTube (including geo-targeting) that also means specialist feeds to allow you to share content with a more exclusive audience. For example, we provide a secure, password protected platform for clubs wishing to stream live match feeds to overseas board members.

Channel Playout

Complete channel management service – utilise our facilities for editing, scheduling, streaming and broadcast playout for your channel, delivered either to global broadcasters or OTT directly to fans.