Empowering Leagues & Federations

Improving Fans’ Experience, Increasing Global Reach and Adding Value to Sports Rights

We help Leagues and Federations increase the value from their rights by providing an enhanced production service to rights holders and allowing them to provide better content to more fans, more quickly.

As a fully independent provider, we’re uniquely placed to offer leagues and federations a technical service that is fully separated from rights ownership, enabling them to realise the true value of their rights.

The Live Venue network enables leagues to provide a fully-installed, league-wide connectivity platform that offers standardisation across venues, lower costs of acquisition and a host of additional services that continue to add value to content and rights both today and in years to come.

Live Venue acts as a central portal to not only create and deliver stunning content to screens within the stadium, but also to connect clubs and venues to their global fanbase.

Red Carpet Service

Roll out the red carpet to your rights holders with an enhanced platform that offers multiple feeds and consistency of a high quality, standardised across every venue in your league. Our centralised sports hub allows them to create their own content and inject their own channel value into programming, helping to give fans a better experience and to add value to your sport’s rights.

Agnostic Service

Unlike our competitors, ADI offer a completely agnostic service and a technical service that is fully separated from rights ownership.

As a completely independent company without any association with rights holders, broadcasters or betting organisations, ADI offer a service that has no potential conflicts of interest for leagues and federations looking to broadcast and monetise their content.

SportsHub Centralised Asset Management

As the Official Archive of The Football League, we provide a full solution for leagues and federations looking to manage, store, distribute and monetise their video and data assets on a long term basis.

We provide leagues with a single source from which to distribute live content to rights holders and professional service providers as well as the opportunity to create their own Sports Hub to store and distribute their assets on a long term basis.

Our SportsHub Asset Management solution offers near limitless storage with full meta-tagging to enable your archive to be fully searchable. A flexible user access system allows for permissions to be set at granular level, enabling different rights holders to be allowed access to different match content utilising the revolutionary Adobe Anywhere video editing platform.

SportsHub Asset Management can also be offered as a league-wide solution, providing a standardised service for a fraction of the cost of clubs investing in their own individual storage solutions.

Acquire Content More Cost Effectively with Remote Production

Live Venue is built for Remote Broadcast, allowing for far more cost effective ways of acquiring live match content without the need for expensive Outside Broadcast units.

We can provide a full Acquisition-to-Broadcast remote production workflow, utilising RED cameras for stunning video quality, and directed in our fully-featured remote production galleries including full broadcast graphics presentation and commentary if required.

Alternatively, we can simply provide the infrastructure and technical services for your host broadcaster to remotely produce content at their own studios, with all cameras, comms and data routed through the Live Venue network.

SportsHub Centralised Asset Management

High Quality - Low Latency

ADI’s high bandwidth network provides far higher quality and faster service than alternative modes of content transportation such as satellite.

Live Venue allows for delivery of multiple high quality streams from each connected venue and has been designed to optimise latency – critical for live sport, data and betting services.

Sports Science Streams

Improve on-pitch performance throughout your league: Live Venue provides a centralised platform to deliver match feeds to league wide sports science teams. We can work both with third party providers or providing streams directly for clubs to access or download.