Extreme E Race Car - Desert X Prix




A brand-new electric off-road racing series has launched into the world of motorsport, highlighting environmental issues and the climate crisis, by visiting the globe’s most remote landscapes. Famous names including Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button are involved in the Electric Odyssey, and it was Nico Rosberg’s team, Rosberg X Racing, that secured the first Extreme E victory in AlUla, Saudi Arabia (3rd-4th April 2021).

Designed as a sport broadcast event, with audiences enjoying it remotely via TV and live streams, the technical production and sports presentation are vital in making Extreme E a must-watch occasion.

ADI were brought on-board to help engage and inspire viewers, applying their expertise to support this ambitious new electric series


Content Play-Out
Modular LED Screens
LED Lighting Fixtures
Event Production
Media Servers
Project Management
Sports Presentation


Innovative Command Centre

At the heart of each X Prix is the Command Centre; a hub for live race broadcast, pit wall-style strategy, and thrilling action that adds huge value and insight for remote audiences.

ADI were tasked with helping Extreme E create this state-of-the-art studio space, despite it being a temporary solution that’s installed in far-flung locations. The Command Centre’s stylish technical design was achieved through fine pitch LED screens and lighting fixtures, set around an arc-shaped desk hosting team representatives, including Nico Rosberg and Chip Ganassi.

Support Team

A dedicated ADI team are on-hand to manage and cue all audio, 4k video and lighting play-out inside the Command Centre, utilising a single software platform to run the show. ADI’s platform brings huge flexibility to the play-back, capable of supporting multiple layers of digital media across the fine pitch LED screens, and allows changes to the studio AV and sports presentation to be triggered by live action that happens during each X Prix.

Extreme E Ocean X Prix sports presentation
"It’s great to have ADI’s support in providing this concept, as we deliver this pioneering project across the most remote parts of the world. ADI brings unique qualities in technical infrastructure, Sports Presentation and operational delivery, which helps create outstanding production values at the ‘Command Centre’, and our live broadcast of Extreme E."
Ali Russell, Chief Marketing Office at Extreme E


Extreme E’s launch has received huge support and worldwide coverage, with over 40 broadcasters distributing the Desert X Prix (AlUla, Saudi Arabia, 3rd– 4th April 2021) and Ocean X-Prix (Dakar, Senegal, 29th– 30th May 2021).

ADI have used their expertise to help Extreme E launch this ambitious and truly pioneering project, involved from the planning and design stages, through to on-site build and delivery. The technical production and sports presentation successfully reflects the innovation Extreme E embodies, with ADI continually evolving the solution as the series grows and develops.

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