Jaguar Land Rover Factory Birmingham Outdoor Dynamic Media Wall Created by ADI from Modular LED Screens

Jaguar Land rover



Jaguar Land Rover wanted to transform the industrial façade of its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility into a visually dynamic canvas, creating something that would provide interest and appeal for local communities and passing traffic.

Preston-based agency Wash Design proposed an initial concept that ADI turned into a workable digital installation, aiming to meet the global brand’s vision of creating a ‘window into the factory’ and a rare glimpse of the inner workings of one of the world’s most iconic car manufacturers.


Design Engineering
LED Screen Manufacture
LED Screen Installation
Production and Content
Content Management System
Service and Maintenance

Castle Bromwich, UK

Unique Digital Canvas

In order to maximise visual impact, ADI aimed to cover as much of the side of the building as possible, which was achieved through the integration of multiple LED elements. AV solutions that include LED wall wash lighting, 2,500 individual LED nodes and a uniquely-shaped 62m² LED screen were combined to create the eye-catching aesthetic.

The large-scale installation was split into four distinct phases, with the ADI team working on-site for several months, while negotiating the site regulations of this ‘live’ manufacturing environment.

Creative Content

Content is an essential part of the project, with specially shot footage and video sequences created through a collaboration between Wash Design and ADI’s in-house Production team.

Initial themes included environmental and landscape cinematography, footage from the production lines inside the facility, and 3D animations of Jaguar car parts.

ADI’s team created a custom Content Management System that allows the co-ordination of content across the entire installation, with the imagery and colours on the LED screen also displayed across the nodes and reflected in the LED wall wash, which helps deliver a large-scale, immersive viewing experience.

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ADI have applied the latest LED technologies to create a visually appealing and interesting element to our Castle Bromwich site, while allowing the Jaguar Land Rover brand to communicate and engage at scale.


Jaguar Land Rover have made a significant investment in the facility, demonstrating their commitment not just to motor manufacturing in the UK, but also the local area.

The plant has been transformed into a digital art piece in its own right, which provides the public with an insight into the innovative manufacturing that goes on within its walls, as well as displaying stimulating and exclusive brand content that offers a continuous source of interest, with content that changes and evolves throughout the day, week and year.