Lakeside Indoor Epoch rotating Screens




As one of the largest out-of-town retail and leisure destinations in the UK, Lakeside wanted to explore the latest digital technologies to enhance visitor experience, support tenants and help brands flourish.

ADI designed and installed a network of full-motion LED screens across Lakeside’s bustling indoor atrium, and more recently at its new external leisure development.

We specified our pioneering Epoch displays, which are designed to offer a more immersive viewing experience and enhanced versatility for the client, with screens that seamlessly revolve between portrait and landscapes formats.


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West Thurrock, UK

Innovative brand activation

The complex project saw ADI install a triple Epoch solution in the central Atrium, including back-to-back revolving and rotating screens, and a large Epoch 330 on the lift-shaft below.

All three co-ordinated displays combine to deliver one of the most unique Digital Out of Home assets in the UK, and a powerful platform for advertising. The triple installation has featured campaigns for brands including Microsoft, Universal Pictures, and JD Sports, with multi-format video and dynamic movement that excites, grabs attention and establishes greater engagement between visitors and brands.

Unique Leisure Experience

Lakeside’s new leisure extension features a large outdoor plaza, which required a unique entertainment experience. ADI were commissioned to create an identical pair of gold Epoch 230’s, which are situated side by side to provide a striking installation. The displays function as part of a wider showpiece attraction, which combines the giant screens, lighting, water features and audio during perfectly co-ordinated hourly performances that immerse and captivate visitors.

The Epochs support artistic and atmospheric eye candy, while also providing commercial functionality to show standard 16:9 advertising formats. Additionally, they have been developed by ADI to be able to form one single, super-wide synchronised digital canvas, which grabs attention due to the scale, movement and vibrant content.

Lakeside Outdoor Epoch rotating Screens
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We’re focused on delivering compelling experiences for our customers and through working with ADI we’ve helped brands to have fresh channels for interaction with shoppers and to create conversations, adding a new element to the customer experience.


The technically challenging installations have arguably created one of the most sophisticated digital platforms that exists in a UK retail and leisure venue. The Epoch screens are successful in delivering brand appeal, placemaking and visitor engagement, helping Lakeside achieve its objective of a day-out destination experience, while providing new valuable media revenue opportunities.