Summer Screens - LED Screens showing sports in City centre




We know from experience that people love watching sport together, and post-Covid we expect this will be truer than ever! From international spectaculars that grace our screens every few years, to annual armchair favourites like Wimbledon, Tour de France and Royal Ascot, there’s something to bring everyone together.

Summer Screens are the perfect way to draw crowds to the high street and public realm; they’re effective for driving foot fall and dwell time, with the offer of live entertainment, shared experiences and memorable moments in a local environment.

Movie nights and themed screenings are also a popular use, with forward thinking clients planning exciting event programmes based around their Summer Screens, and even bringing in specialist food and beverage vendors to drive commercial revenue.


Content creation and Play-Out
Social Media Solutions
Multi-Player Gaming
Modular LED Screens
Screen Branding
Event Broadcast and cameras


Semi-permanent Solutions

ADI have created a tried and tested range of Summer Screen solutions, featuring semi-permanent, secure structures. These box or chair structures incorporate a high-resolution outdoor LED screen, with all content play-out and PA housed safely inside. Custom finishes and branding for the structure, along with live cameras, AR interactivity and multi-player gaming, are all additional options that add huge value for our clients and their target audience.

Covent Garden Summer Screens
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“The screen completely transforms the public realm and creates a vibrant, buzzy atmosphere where people can enjoy shared experiences while watching live sport, new movie releases, classic films or musicals – and it supports our tenants and local businesses by driving dwell time, while also promoting them through on-screen advertising.”


ADI have worked with councils, BID’s and media agencies to deliver a wide range of Summer Screens that engage local communities, workers and shoppers. Successful in achieving placemaking across city centres and regeneration schemes, the Summer Screen concept can be incredibly effective in supporting surrounding businesses by attracting crowds, and also providing a digital platform for local advertising campaigns.

Our complete solutions cover every element of a Summer Screen, with enhanced options for content creation, technical support and live interactive experiences that maximise the success of these semi-permanent structures.