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While Watford FC’s Commercial and Operations teams were keen to upgrade their stadium LED screens, there were question marks over the ideal size and location to maximise their investment.

Watford enlisted ADI to undertake a Detailed Design Study (DDS) as part of a consultative process, with our specialised project teams providing the club with a number of possible solutions.


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Vicarage Road, Watford

Innovative Installation Process

With a short window of time for installation, and a newly laid pitch ready for the 2019/20 football season, the opportunities for taking plant and installation equipment inside the stadium bowl were minimal.

ADI therefore explored alternative installation processes to overcome the challenges of access, existing infrastructure and deadlines. As the best course of action, we chose to use an 85m tall mobile crane to lift the two 10 ton stadium LED screens above residential streets, and into position on the newly reinforced roof of Vicarage Road. ADI liaised with the club, local authorities and residents to minimise disruption when closing minor works during the installation process.

Excellence in Project Planning

By assuming the roles of Principal Designer and Principal Contractor, ADI were able to retain control and manage every element of the project. With a unique mix of construction, engineering and LED hardware expertise in-house, alongside our pedigree in large-scale stadium solutions, ADI could provide a seamless service and cost efficiencies for the client, with a single point of contact throughout the ambitious installation.

Watford FC Stadium screen installation using super crane

Pitch side Solutions

Alongside the new Stadium Screens, Watford FC are proud owners of a Virtual Hybrid digiBOARD system, allowing the club to deliver traditional LED perimeter advertising to fans within the stadium, but virtually replace the content seen by television viewers watching in different countries. This allows the club and its rightsholders to explore targeted advertising for specific broadcast territories and global fan bases, increasing revenue opportunities.

Watford FC digiBOARD digital Perimeter
Watford FC vs Chelsea DigiBOARD digital Perimeter
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The comments we’ve had back from the fans within the stadium are incredible; the screens are just so flexible, the fans can watch live video and interactive programming, alongside sponsor and advertising content. We’ve been overwhelmed with how good the screens look within the stadium, and how much they improve the look of the stands.


ADI have helped Watford FC realise their ambitions for Vicarage Road; installing cutting-edge digital infrastructure and stadium LED hardware that befits a Premier League club, with the club supported by ADI’s specialised project management teams.

The new in-stadia LED has allowed Watford FC to revolutionise the matchday experience for fans, while offering commercial partners with exciting new promotional opportunities.