Why Choose ADI?

Pedigree, Experience, Innovation and Quality

Many companies now offer LED screens, but few can match ADI’s pedigree. A true market innovator, ADI were there right at the start, installing some of the UK’s first LED screens; we’re now able to draw on nearly 20 years of market experience in every one of our installations.


Buying an LED screen is a long-term investment - with a lifespan of many years, you want to be sure that the company you purchase it from is not only reputable and experienced, but is going to be around to service it throughout its lifetime.

Unlike most of our competitors, we’ve been installing LED screens for nearly twenty years. We were there right at the start, installing UK football's first LED screens over a decade ago, and have gone onto install and service the majority of screens in UK football stadia.

We work with LED every day on some of the world’s biggest events, with some of the world’s leading brands; it’s second nature to us.

In the past decade, we have forged lasting relationships with some of the world's biggest brands, whilst ADI's screen rental division provides the vision to some of the world's leading events and sporting occasions, including The Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, The Olympics, Royal Ascot and Glastonbury Festival.

This means we understand the technology. Not just how it works, but how best to use it and how best to get the best out of it. We don’t just have twenty years of installing LED, we’ve twenty years of creating and delivering content to LED screens and twenty years of helping our customers extract maximum value from their investment.

ADI installed British football's first stadium LED screens at Villa Park in 1997

We work with LED every day on some of the world’s biggest events, with some of the world’s leading brands; it’s second nature to us.


We realised a long time ago that the industry we are in is about so much more than technology.

What goes on the screen is just as important, which is why such a huge part of our business is devoted to content creation, delivery and management and why we lead the way with pioneering services such as Live Venue.

Our commitment to innovation is why our hire division doesn’t just operate the same mobile LED screens as everyone else, we operate pioneering screens that are bigger, better, higher resolution than anyone else’s.

In a fast moving technology market, we firmly believe that innovation is what keeps us ahead of our competitors and why ADI continue to enjoy market leading success.

The iFLY 25 is a revolutionary screen, developed exclusively by ADI


LED screens can face tough operating conditions so, it’s important that the screen you buy is up to the job it needs to do.

LED screens need to operate within the full spectrum of possible weather conditions, be it the heat of summer, the cold of winter or torrential rain. They may need to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, all whilst operating at what is the peak of technological capabilities.

We don’t sell cheap products because our products aren’t cheap. They’re built to withstand the toughest conditions, for high usage and to still look great in years to come.

Flick over to the rental section of this site and you can see that we operate the world’s largest and widest fleet of mobile LED screens. Our screens and our staff are entrusted to provide the vision at the world’s biggest events week in week out throughout the year – events such as The London Marathon, The Diamond Jubilee and The John Smiths Grand National. What better way to demonstrate the quality and reliability of our products?

Design and Manufacturing

In recent years, the LED screen market has expanded rapidly, with any number of opportunistic companies offering screens at sometimes unbelievable prices.

ADI are not one of these companies. Our screens are not "off the shelf" products; we pride ourselves that all are designed and developed exclusively by ADI to the highest industry standards.

We employ a combination of European design and development and Chinese manufacturing to ensure the finest engineering is coupled with the very latest and efficient manufacturing techniques and maximising value to our customers.

Our products are made to order with the flexibility to incorporate custom designs such as curved screens.

This approach is borne of ADI's long experience in the LED market; having installed UK sports first full colour LED screens nearly 20 years ago we have worked with LED screen technology ever since, making ADI one of the most experienced names in the industry. This knowledge translates into our product design, with a host of features designed to maximise picture quality, durability and reliability.

With full control of our production lines, our products are made to order with the flexibility to incorporate custom designs such as curved screens. Continual investment in R&D allows us to continue to develop market leading innovative and advanced products to the very highest standard.

Lifetime Value

ADI’s complete longterm solutions help our customers get exceptional lifetime value from their investment.

We certainly aren’t the cheapest LED screen company on the market, but when you’re dealing with cutting edge technology, cheapest is not a good attribute…

Price is undoubtedly a factor in your choice of supplier, but it shouldn’t be the overriding one. It’s important to assess any costs over the lifetime of the technology. This should be an investment over 8 to 10 years and cost should be placed in the context of the quality of both the product and service you receive over this time.

There’s an old adage that if something looks too good to be true then it generally is, and that goes for if you’re spending £100 or £100,000. Ask yourself why one product is the cheapest – it’s likely to be because of inferior quality, incorrect specification or the company selling it isn’t experienced enough to price it correctly, taking into account installation & maintenance costs etc. You’d have to question whether they will be around to service your screen throughout its lifetime.

When you buy an LED screen from ADI, you’re buying into 20 years of experience and knowledge in the market. Our deep resources and comprehensive suite of supporting services allows us to develop rich, longterm partnerships with our customers, ensuring their screens are utilised to their full potential and delivering maximum value over their lifetime.