Retail & Shopping Centres

Whether it be storefront product promotion or shopping centre big screen customer entertainment, our solutions help to make an event out of the shopping trip.

Tried and Trusted by the Retail Industry

ADI create incredible screen installations for the largest and best-loved shopping centres in the UK.

We’re tried and trusted to deliver exceptional, reliable installations and unique content that drives experiential and commercial-value for the long-term.

ADI have built an enviable reputation in the market by developing specialised products, services and installation techniques that are delivered by skilled teams with expertise in the retail sector.

Public Art and Creative Solutions

LED is an incredibly creative technology with endless opportunities for application

It’s possible to transform spaces and places through immersive, interactive digital installations and create public art pieces that excite and astound.

By offering a full creative service ADI have the ability to take initial concepts and propose innovative design-led solutions, which are then delivered and supported by our in-house team.

Engagement Screens

Drive footfall and dwell time through fresh, engaging experiences

Screens can add huge value to the shopping centre environment and deliver a source of entertainment and interaction for shoppers, encouraging them to stay longer and spend more.

ADI’s Epoch screens are ideal for engagement and offer greater flexibility over programming thanks to their dynamic movement, with the ability to seamlessly revolve between landscape and portrait formats.

Commercial Screens

Large-format LED screens are a vital part of the Digital Out of Home landscape

They offer a flexible, digital platform to bring brands to life and connect advertisers with consumers in the ideal mind-set to purchase.

There are a number of options open to venues wishing to install an LED screen and many of ADI’s clients have chosen the model of screen ownership.

Screen Ownership

Screen ownership provides a compelling case for long-term financial benefit and places retail venues and their owners in a strong commercial position where media agreements and advertising revenues are concerned. While screen hardware costs are not insignificant, the benefits enjoyed by clients when they specify and purchase their own LED media screen are wide-reaching. Many have recouped the cost of their screen within a 12-18 month period.