Our stadium display technology, combined with a unique content production and delivery network, creates a platform for engagement – offering an experience fans simply can’t get anywhere else.


We’ve changed the face of digital technology in sports stadia, creating dynamic platforms that not only engage fans, but deliver sustainable commercial revenue.


We create bespoke match day experiences that engage audiences and create a platform for the club and its partners to communicate through compelling content.


We constantly push the boundaries of what can be achieved through technology. Our research and development teams challenge convention, finding new ways to help you communicate with your audiences.


Our high speed fibre network connects sports stadia, broadcasters, and other stakeholders to our remote operations centre, giving connected venues access to a vast resource of content production and delivery services.


From consulting and engineering, to manufacturing, project management, and installation, we take care of the entire process to ensure seamless delivery.

Stadium Display Technology

Transforming the matchday experience through high impact technology and engaging content

We've been designing, manufacturing, developing and installing stadium display technology for over 20 years.

We help sports clubs, venues, leagues and federations to create exceptional matchday experiences that excite fans and deliver value for commercial partners.

  • Integrated stadium display solutions: LED screens, digital perimeter, digital ribbon, concourse, hospitality
  • Value engineered solutions designed to deliver a return on investment, regardless of budget.
  • Unrivalled experience - We installed UK football's first LED screens in 1997
  • Virtuality LED - UK sport's leading LED screen technology
  • digiBOARD - English football's favourite digital perimeter system - installed at more than 20 Premier League and EFL stadia
  • UEFA certified Virtual Hybrid perimeter LED - transforming the commercial landscape in sport
  • Complete co-ordination of content across your stadium digital platform with Total Stadium Takeover
  • Fully installed solutions using our own experienced in-house project teams
  • Lifetime support - our own in house team provide event support and regular service and maintenance

Beyond the UK, our solutions power fan experiences in Europe and beyond, providing digital stadium platforms for clubs and media owners, as well as at UEFA and FIFA tournaments.

Immersive Stadium Experiences

Take control of your stadium communication with Total Stadium Takeover

A fully integrated venue-wide platform, with co-ordinated content broadcast live across all digital media at the venue.

Create exhilarating, immersive experiences for fans, and provide new revenue opportunities for venue-owners, brands and sponsors.

Total Stadium Takeover

Total Stadium Takeover™

  • Co-ordinate content across your stadium media platform
  • Maximise commercial platform value
  • Drive stadium atmosphere

Stadium LED Screens

Football’s favourite big screens

Over half the LED screens installed in the Premier League and EFL use our Virtuality LED technology, which has been designed specifically for the sporting environment.

As well as football, our screens help entertain and engage fans across a wide variety of sports, including Rugby Union, Rugby League, Horse Racing and cricket.

Stadium screens have come a long way since we installed the UK's first in 1997. Now, they are bigger, brighter, and higher resolution than ever before. They are also more affordable than ever, meaning we have solutions to meet every space and budget.

  • UK's most popular stadium LED screens
  • Double-green Virtual Pixel technology for outstanding contrast and extended lifetime
  • Modular design
  • Choice of resolutions to suit your needs and budget
  • Fully project managed, installed and maintained solution
  • On-site engineer provided for each matchday
  • Live Venue connectivity meaning you can utilise ADI's high quality content production solutions
  • Total Stadium Takeover Ready

IN ACTION: Stadium LED Screen Case Studies

Epoch LED Screens

Epoch is a completely revolutionary viewing experience, delivering fresh, unique experiences for fans and unrivalled opportunities for commercial partners.

In an era where smartphone and tablets are king, Epoch brings the consumer experience to the giant screen, providing a platform that can easily switch between portrait and landscape formats for incredible flexibility and impact.

See here for more information on our Epoch screens

digiBOARD Digital Perimeter LED


UK Sport’s Most Popular Digital Perimeter

Our UEFA certified perimeter LED digiBOARD technology is comfortably the UK's leading solution, delivering high value media content for more than 20 clubs.

It's also the most versatile - available in a range of heights and resolutions and with some incredible, unique, functionality.

  • UEFA certified - ability to utilise it for UEFA competitions
  • UK's favourite digital perimeter signage solution
  • Virtual Hybrid option - virtually replace the content for different audiences
  • Crowd facing option - integrated LED strip on rear of the system allows you to reach fans in the stands and drive additional revenue
  • Full pixel mapping and high refresh rate for clear bright playback even in super slomo
  • Live data integration - display live betting odds, stats, or social content
  • Available in choice of heights to suit your stadium sightlines
  • Available in choice of resolutions
  • Live Venue connectivity means content can be managed remotely by ADI
  • Total Stadium Takeover Ready

Dynamic Live Content - Powered by Live Venue

Unleash the full potential of your perimeter system with the integration of live data

  • Live Betting Odds
    Create value for gaming partners
  • Live Stats
    Engage fans with high value content and create new commercial opportunities
  • Social Media
    Make fans feel valued by giving them a voice and create an new sponsorship opportunities

Crowd Facing digiBOARD

Exclusive to ADI, digiBOARD is available with a crowd-facing option.

With an additional row of LED panels on the rear of the unit, it allows advertisers to target the tens of thousands of fans behind the boards, opening up additional advertising revenues for clubs.

  • Reach thousands of fans in the stadium
  • Deliver commercial & fan engagement content
  • Provide a dynamic platform for regional partners
  • Deliver crowd-rousing content

Virtual Hybrid digiBOARD

Watch the video to see Virtual Hybrid digiBOARD in action in the Premier League

Virtual Hybrid digiBOARD

Virtual Hybrid digiBOARD combines the world's leading virtual replacement technology with Europe's leading digital perimeter brand.

Transform the commercial value of perimeter media space by tailoring content for international audiences whilst maintaining a dynamic in-venue LED experience.

A world first, our Virtual Hybrid LED is the result of years of ADI engineering development and is the first UEFA certified system of its kind. The solution combines Supponor's incredible augmented reality technology with ADI's industry leading LED, making it possible to virtually overlay the perimeter content seen by different audiences.

  • LED perimeter system with integrated virtual replacement technology - makes it possible to change the content seen by different viewing audiences around the world
  • Retains dynamic visible LED for fans in the stadium
  • UEFA Certified - makes it possible to use the LED system in UEFA competitions
  • Combines ADI's industry leading LED with Supponor's proven virtual replacement technology
  • World first solution engineered by ADI's own development team
  • Complete end to end solution - from display to distribution
  • No content restrictions - ability to deliver dynamic, fully animated 'visible' and virtual content

Complete End to End Solution

Virtual Hybrid digiBOARD is more than a hardware solution; it is a complete end to end platform consisting of five key principles.

From display in the stadium to image capture and virtual content creation, through to live video distribution, the platform provides the entire solution whilst maintaining a dynamic in stadium experience.

IN ACTION: Latest digiBOARD Case Studies



Immersive high impact stadium platform to communicate with fans, enhance venue atmosphere and activate commercial partnerships.

  • Scalable to suit your stadium
  • Available in range of heights and pixel pitch to suit your needs
  • Flexible content platform - combine commercial content with crowd-rousing messages, live match stats and betting odds
  • Integrate live data - stats, betting odds, social media
  • Combine with LED screens and digiBOARD for high impact Total Stadium Takeover creative

IN ACTION: Latest digiRIBBON Case Studies



The next generation of stadium scoreboard, digiSCORE couples full colour, high impact LED technology with a custom-built, simple-to-use interface, giving you ultimate control over your scoreboard's content.

digiSCORE provides not only standard features such as clock, scores and club crests, but video and so much more:

  • Real-time substitution animations - highlight changes with the click of a button
  • Live match stats - corners, possession, shots on target delivered in real time*
  • Team lineup - with photos
  • Ability to playout data and full colour video
  • Live text overlay option with full preview - show latest scores from other matches

* requires Live Venue connection

IN ACTION: digiSCORE Case Studies

Fan Zone LED Screens

Start the matchday conversation earlier

For most fans, the match day experience begins long before they enter the stadium. Capitalise on that desire for fans to come together with a turnkey fan zone screen solution that attracts fans to the ground hours before kickoff.

We have a range of permanent and temporary LED fan zone screen solutions that enable you to deliver engaging pre-match content - entertaining fans with interviews, match highlights, pre-game stats, team line-ups and live social content.

  • Drive additional revenue
  • Extend your commercial platform to reach fans hours before kickoff
  • Turnkey solutions supported by ADI's content production
  • Deliver dynamic live content - e.g. pre-match stats and social media interaction
  • Range of temporary rental and permanently installed options


Home game atmosphere even when your team’s playing away

Ideal for prominent matches or rivalries, Beam Backs ensure your fans can get that home ground atmosphere, even when your team is playing away.

We’re uniquely able to facilitate BeamBacks either as a live feed over the Live Venue network to screens inside stadium hospitality areas, or onto our own LED screens setup inside the stadium.

Stadium TV

Stadium TV

Next generation concourse television brought to you by ADI sister-company Eleven Sports Media.

Stadium TV delivers an unrivalled feature-set including integrated live social media feeds, team sheets and Opta statistical data alongside Sky Sports News or the live game – all delivered on high specification full HD screens.