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LED Screens

ADI offer a comprehensive line-up of LED screen options. All of our projects differ, but all are built around our proprietary Virtuality brand of premium modular LED panels.

By using modular panels that join seamlessly, LED screens can be built to practically any size and shape required. Different pixel pitches (the distance between each dot in the image) means that we can create LED screens that are suitable for practically any viewing distance – be it 2 or 200 metres – and we offer panels suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.

Of course, the technology is only a small part. Each of our LED screen installations brings together a mixture of ADI’s skills, encompassing design, engineering, manufacturing, content creation & delivery and ongoing maintenance. ADI’s longterm success lies in our ability to combine these into elegant, bespoke solutions that deliver lifetime value to our customers.

Whatever your application, we have a Virtuality LED screen to suit. Choose from our range of high resolution, stunning Indoor LED screens or fully weatherproofed Outdoor LED screens designed to excel in the most trying of environments.

The Power of LED Screens

In the twenty years that ADI have been installing LED screens, the technology has revolutionised mass audience communication like nothing else.

LED screens have the power to transcend home and live entertainment, reproducing the visceral excitement and collective experience of the live event and joining crowds and communities together in moments of shared joy.

The last decade has seen rapid expansion of LED screens. As the technology has become more practical, reliable and cost effective it has moved from the stadium to the high street; from rock concerts to city squares, shopping centres and roadside billboards.

LED screens offer new levels of communication, allowing information to be shared amongst thousands. And unlike other display technologies, LED screens are not limited by size, audience distance or weather conditions.

There has never been a more powerful or flexible medium.