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Indoor Screens

Stunning modular LED screens for all types of indoor installations.

Our Indoor LED screens feature breathtaking image quality and stunning colour representation.

  • High resolution screens for spectacular close range viewing
  • Integrated SMD LEDs allow for incredibly high resolutions
  • Stunning picture quality
  • Available with front or rear service access
  • Small tile size allows flexibility to create screens of any size or shape
  • Suitable for viewing distances as close as 50cm
  • Available in the following pixel pitches: 10mm, 8mm, 6mm & 4mm

Indoor LED screens are generally much higher resolution (or smaller pixel pitch - the distance between LEDs) than outdoor screens, making them much more suited for the indoor environment where the viewer tends to be closer.

Indoor LED screens offer a far brighter and more colourful picture than competing technologies such as projection, LCD and plasma, giving stunning impact and standout, even in high ambient light conditions.

All Virtuality Indoor LED screens feature three-in-one surface mounted ‘SMD' LEDs, allowing for a minute pixel footprint and therefore permitting us to provide exceptionally high resolution screens that look great from only a few feet away.

A compact module size allows for exceptional flexibility to create screens of any size and shape and Virtuality indoor LED screens come with the option of either front or rear access allowing easy maintenance and service access wherever your screen is installed.


ADI's Virtuality indoor LED panels deliver stunning, vibrant pictures with exceptional reliability and lifetime colour consistency.


Our 2012 line-up bring greatly improved power consumption, helping to improve ongoing running costs, with on average a 30% increase in efficiency over our 2011 screens.

Premium Construction

All Virtuality panels are built around ADI’s premium Virtuality chipset architecture to ensure class-leading picture quality and rich colours and contrasts in all conditions.


Our indoor panels are available in a range of different pixel pitches, enabling us to specify exactly the right screen for the requirements of your installation. All feature a small xxxmm tile size, meaning they offer incredible possibilities for screen size and shape.

Lifetime Colour Consistency

Each Virtuality panel features an independent ‘intelligent' module enabling LED level calibration and ensuring exceptional consistency of colour and chroma levels across the whole display surface. This guarantees consistent picture quality throughout the running life of your display and allows for exact colour matching in the event of any tiles needing replacing when serviced at a later date.

Powerful Processing / Beautiful Colours

Virtuality vPRO HD 16-bit image processing provides beautiful picture rendition with an astounding 280 trillion colours and a refresh rate of 1920Hz, creating incredibly smooth moving images that are ideally suited for broadcast and ensuring clarity of picture even during super slow-motion replay.

In Action

Bullring Shopping Centre

ADI’s indoor LED screen has created a powerful promotional platform utilised by global advertising giant JC Decaux as part of their M Vision mall network.

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