Operational Support

Modern LED screens are incredible robust, but as with any cutting-edge technology, they benefit from basic care and maintenance to keep them looking their best and ensure maximum operating lifetime.

Prevention is better than repairing, and we look after your installation in two ways: regular servicing and continual monitoring, which help to minimise failure rates and provide early diagnosis of any potential issues.

Service & Maintenance

Our customers don’t need a service contract from a third party maintenance company. As you’d expect from ADI, we operate an in-house service department to keep your installation in full working order throughout its lifetime.

Whilst LED is more reliable and robust than ever, like any high end technology, it benefits from regular servicing and maintenance, particularly when installed in locations exposed to challenging weather conditions.

All of our screen installations are available with comprehensive maintenance packages, serviced by dedicated ADI in-house engineers. Our service contracts combine defined service intervals for maintenance and upkeep with guaranteed response times from our national network of service engineers. Because ADI manufacture our own products, you can be assured that any replacement parts will be carried.

Monitoring – Live Venue Eye

As well as being a rich content creation and delivery platform, Live Venue acts as a secure monitoring facility to ensure both the security and reliability of your hardware.

Our Live Venue Eye monitoring service is a vital part of our service and maintenance procedure. It works on two fronts, combining visual monitoring in the form of live IP cameras with continual technical monitoring of a wide range of programming and operating variables.

As well as providing a continual health check for your installation, it also allows us to diagnose and rectify problems remotely without the need for a site visit, helping to minimise both costs and any interruption of service.


Live Venue Eye can play an important security role, with 24/7 recorded monitoring helping to act as a deterrent to any acts of vandalism and can even help to drive down insurance premiums.

Cameras can be controlled remotely via browser login, whilst features such as HD recording and face recognition enable a full surveillance and monitoring facility, which can be controlled either by your own on-site security or from our European Operations Centre.