We make Spaces Memorable

We design content-driven experiences and exceptional digital installations to deliver the unexpected.

Combining giant LED platforms with larger-than-life creative to inspire, engage and interact at scale. Static interiors and architecture are transformed into digital canvases where brands flourish and audiences are captivated, with visitors staying longer and returning more frequently.

Our Process

We deliver a comprehensive creative solution combining Concept, Platform and Creative.


The spark that ignites the process: a complete evaluation, starting with the space, its usage, patronage and the flow of traffic throughout.

Each of our customers has a different matrix of requirements, and we seek to understand the balance between Engagement, Endorsement and Information that will influence our initial concepts.


We create incredible digital platforms that combine stunning hardware with custom software solutions for simple platform management.

Vast digital landscapes delivered with elegance and precision provide ability to deliver ever-evolving creative and to think far outside the traditional 16:9 box.

Our solutions seamlessly integrate into venues to offer immersive environments for your audience that can change throughout the time of day, week, month or year, offering something new on every visit.

Creative Execution

A full creative content service sets the project alight. We’re adept in creating immersive graphical sceneries or delightful cinematic experiences; or combining the two to dramatic effect.

Agnostic Platforms

We’re not precious about our work; we focus on creating open frameworks with user-friendly interfaces to allow simple everyday control by the customer and encourage collaborative content with third parties.


ADI turned an initial concept into a workable installation, aiming to meet the global brand’s vision of creating a ‘window into the factory’. This allows the public to have a rare glimpse of the inner workings of one of the world’s most iconic car manufacturers, while establishing a new local landmark.

The installation was also designed to produce a manufacturing facility with a point of difference, while allowing the brand to convey its creativity and offer an eye-catching aesthetic for the public to enjoy throughout the year.


A cinematic digital art sculpture, commissioned by Hammerson for Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester, The Beacons has quickly established itself as one of the city’s leading landmarks.

Seven giant totems reach for the skies, each featuring three sides of high impact digital canvas that enable a constantly changing message depending on the direction from which they are approached.

As well as ...


The food court at intu Lakeside Shopping Centre in Kent includes a dramatic triple screen installation utilising three of ADI’s Epoch revolving LED screens. In common use, these seem like normal 16:9 LED screens, but the magic truly happens once they start moving.

Each screen can revolve between landscape and portrait – a process that takes around 30 seconds – and the innovative control software allows for high impact content to easily be made and played out during the movement between the two states.

As well as allowing intu to utilise different formats depending on content – landscape is great for standard video; portrait for social media, data and promotional content – the platform is being use to great effect by their advertising partner Limited Space to secure high impact, big brand advertising.

The platform has won multiple awards since installation in 2017.