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Innovative LED signage systems for retail, advertising and educational markets.

ADI's digiSIGN digital signage range brings high impact informational and promotional signage built around industry leading Virtuality technology and advanced customer software and hardware content delivery systems.

All of our digital signage solutions are scalable across multiple sites, featuring built-in redundancy and robust content delivery systems to ensure minimum downtime.

All digiSIGN digital signage solutions feature:

  • Virtuality screen technology
  • High powered custom software scheduling systems
  • Modular hardware solutions, ensuring they can be scaled to suit your requirements
  • The ability to network across multiple sites

digiSIGN digital signage is the ideal replacement for static signage – it offers much higher visibility and the ability to change content whenever you wish, and can quickly work out more cost effective than changing printed signage regularly.

Whether you use signage to drive sales, offer information or provide directions, digiSIGN digital signage can help your business with a high impact, convenient and cost effective solution.

ADI's range of sports signage solutions - digiBOARD and digiSIGN can be found in the Sports & Stadium Solutions section.

LED Digital Signage LCD Digital Signage Printed Signage
Visible in direct sunlight
Suitable for outdoor use
Modular design for easy servicing
Cost to change content
Content reactive to stock or weather conditions
High Impact
Multiple playlists
Moving Images

The Growth of Digital Signage

Digital Signage has seen huge growth in recent years; with the technology now commonplace almost everywhere you go, from train carriages to digital billboards. The benefits of digital signage are obvious: the huge flexibility allows it to be changed at will and brighter, moving content means digital signage offers increased impact over printed signage.

As digital technology has improved, so has the popularity of digital signage. The growth of the LCD panel market has driven this by offering a cheap technology with a much smaller and more versatile footprint than CRT digital signage. Similarly, as LED screen technology has improved and lowered in cost, LED digital signage is now becoming more commonplace in more and more locations.

LED screen digital signage features all the advantages of LCD digital signage, but with all of the benefits of LED screen technology. Namely, it is far brighter and suited to the outdoor environment, plus it is scalable, meaning your digital signage can be practically any size and shape you require!

Digital Signage is transforming the way advertisers reach out to a technologically savvy market.

As digital signage hardware continues to improve, so does digital signage software. Advanced content delivery systems couple with fast broadband allow content for your digital signage to be controlled remotely, with updates able to be pushed through instantly from anywhere in the world! Digital signage knows no geographical boundaries and is scalable across as many sites as required.

Digital Signage is transforming the way advertisers reach out to a technologically savvy market. With high impact, moving full colour imagery, modern digital signage offers improved standout in an ever more competitive promotional world, be it with highly targeted retail-based digital signage or to a wider audience through digital billboards.

Digital signage is revolutionising the advertising market, allowing media owners to sell the same space many times over and slashing production costs whilst improving recall rates.

Outside of retail and advertising, digital signage is seeing increased usage in the educational world. More and more colleges and universities are taking advantage of digital signage’s multi-use flexibility to use it for both informational use and also to promote commercial partners and local businesses to students.

ADI Digital Signage Technology

ADI’s LED digital signage solutions are built around our proven Virtuality LED screen technology bringing outstanding brightness and colour and that all important ‘wow’ factor to your digital signage. Virtuality’s modular design means all of our solutions are scalable to suit your individual site requirements. All digital signage is available with any model from our Virtuality range, making them available for use with different typical viewing distances.

Both digiSIGN and digiSHEET digital signage solutions are built to individual customer requirements and come with flexible and powerful content delivery systems, allowing for instant remote updating of content and easy scheduling. We are also able to help create content – be it advertisements, promotions, information or channel identity – for your digital signage through our dedicated in-house production department.

ADI's digital signage products are available with any of ADI's Virtuality screen models, ensuring you can tailor the exact solution to fit your environment, budget and customer target base.