Made-to-measure LED Screens

A comprehensive range of modular LED screens, designed to fit into practically any space and location

Where would you like it?

A modular design means that LED screen panels can be joined together to make screens of almost any size and shape, and as screens have become lighter and higher resolution, the locations where they can be installed have continued to increase.

We’ve provided hundreds of installations of custom-designed screens and structures in sports, retail, education and public spaces. Depending on your requirements, our screens can be mounted on walls or provided with their own self-standing structures – we can provide a full design service from initial concepts through to engineering CADs for installation.

Outdoor LED Screens

We offer a comprehensive range of screen resolutions for all sizes and viewing distances, all IP65 rated to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. All our screens can be serviced from the front or the rear, making them suitable for installation in any location.

Indoor LED Screens

Our indoor LED screens are available in a wide range of pixel pitches making them suitable for all viewing distances, whether it’s 50m or 50cm! Like our outdoor screens, they can be serviced from front or rear.

Completely Engineered Solutions

Your screen is in safe hands! We’ve been installing made-to-measure LED screens in prominent public locations for over 20 years and we’re experts in delivering complete end-to-end solutions.

Wherever you want your screen to go, we design and engineer supporting structures then provide a full installation service, with complete management of steelwork and all supporting services.